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Valentine's Day Card ContestIt's been awhile since we've had a contest at Holiday-Crafts! Let's get ready for Valentine's Day by making cards.

The Rules!
Bullet; Red We are an Artisan Crafts group, so your entry must be a craft- submitted to the DA Artisan Crafts Galleries.
Bullet; Red Any Deviant can enter.
Bullet; Red Submit your entry to the "Valentine's Card Contest" folder.

Bullet; Red One entry per person.
Bullet; Red Only new submissions made during the contest time period are accepted.
Bullet; Red Your entry must be an actual card (not just a card design) and be evident as such from the submission photo.
The Order: 1886 Gadgets and Gear ContestCreate an original gadget, outfit, or weapon inspired by the world of The Order: 1886

How To EnterOfficial RulesPrizingView EntriesSubmit Entry
18+, Australia Only
Illustrate an original gadget, outfit, or weapon inspired by the industrial world of The Order: 1886.
In this new game set in Victorian England, you will fight your way through zeppelins, mansions, and the gloomy streets of London with the help of u
Dracula Untold Billboard ContestWe're challenging you to illustrate one of Vlad's monumental transformations—either into a flock of bats or into the vampire Dracula.
How to EnterPrizesView EntriesOfficial RulesSubmit13+, U.S. ONLY

Transform Vlad the Impaler!
Dracula Untold paints a new picture of the Dracula we know and fear, providing an original twist on the emotional story of transformation and immeasurab
Surviving stress without triggering mental illnessNote: I am not a mental health clinician. I am only a scientist. The advice offered here should not replace advice given by a qualified professional.
Hello everyone!
So it's the holiday time, and for many of us it's also the end of the semester, the end of a grant or project period, or the end of the fiscal year. All of these "ends" come with stress. It's well-known that stress can exacerbate mental illness-- for example, through triggering mood instability or symptoms of depression or anxiety. Thus, it is helpful to have some tips for handling stress in ways that are more conducive to health.
Here are some tips that have been helpful in my life.
1. Get enough sleep. First and foremost, getting enough sleep every night can help prevent your mood from becoming unstable (especially for those of us with bipolar disorder), and it can be helpful in dealing with anxiety. We can think and solve problems more clearly when we are well-res
Do you love stock?Hey photomanipulators and others who use resources as inspiration, reference, or other vehicles of creation!
Do you ever come across a wonderful piece of stock that sparks some fire of creativity within you, and when you do, do you tuck it away for use at a later date? Or-- are you like me, and you quickly fire up Photoshop (or your program of interest) and play around with it?
YES? Of course you have!!!
You've come to the right place.
Now . . . do you love Daily Deviations (DDs)? Do you love seeing them, drinking them in, watching others get them? What about getting them yourself? And how often do you suggest DDs to the gallery moderators, or Community Volunteers (CVs)?
Here's the key: Did you know that DDs are also given to stock and resource deviations? Yes, it's true! And, fortunately, we have 3 whole CVs dedicated entirely to stock and resources!  And here's the best part: They would love to have your DD suggestions.
If you love and appreciate the amazing work that our stock
Smithsonian's Asian Art Now Online

Smithsonian’s Asian Art Now Online
By techgnotic
Lacquer Box From FREER|SACKLER
Read More

America’s Museum, the Smithsonian Institution, Just a short walk from the White House, has had its up’s and down’s over the years since opening in 1846.
The Smithsonian’s Washington complex of nineteen museums, nine research centers, and a zoo, has been enjoying a recent renaissance of reorganization and a welcome if belated introduction into the digital age.

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DevNews Interview Series #3 ~ Today we welcome GrimFace242 one of the Community Volunteers for the Literature gallery, a Senior Mentor and admin to eleven groups! Take a seat, have a toasty beverage to take away the winter chill (or frosty beverage in warmer climates!) and prepare to be entertained. [MMD emoticon] Miku on a chair 

devID by GrimFace242

Raving Slendy by GrimFace242 FocusOnLit Header by GrimFace242 CRLiterature Journal Header by GrimFace242

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Q~1: DeviantArt  You're nearing five-years on deviantART. What brought you to the site?

That makes me feel old.  I remember joining and being lost because I had no idea where to start.  I was actually forced into joining by my cousin.  She was like that.  Always making me do things I didn't want to but then loved after it was forced on me.  :eyes:

Q~2: :dAlove: What is a day on deviantART like for you?

Lots and lots of clicking and typing.  I'm always going through my messages and group messages.  It almost seems like I do that more than creating things.  I always have my trusty 'to do' list on me to try and keep me on track.

Q~3: Heart Dance - NaNo28 Being a CV can be a positive experience, but at the same time, can be stressful or frustrating. What is it like to be a volunteer for dA?

I wasn't sure about myself being a CV.  Honestly.  But I like to think I've embraced it and I do really enjoy it.  Sure there are times I just wanna throw the papers in the air and walk away grumbling.  But those times are few and far between compared to all the awesome messages I get from deviants and new friendships I've garnered since being a CV.

Q~4: :reading: Your focus is literature, not just as a volunteer but as it pertains to your gallery. What motivates you to write? Do you set aside time each day to write or do you write whenever you feel a story or poem brewing in your head? 

I don't get a chance to sit in front of my laptop every day and write.  I've tried it.  It doesn't work for me.  But I long hand nearly every day.  I have a bunch of journals that I'm always jotching ideas in or plots or characters and their histories.  When I can't write it, my brain is always working it.  I've been a daydreamer for ...well, I can't remember a time when I wasn't.  It's a wonderful escape.  I'm always creating, even if it's not written down.  

What motivates me?  The world.  People.  Ones I know and most I don't.  I love sitting in the middle of a park and watching people and then jotting down their story through my eyes.

Q~5: deviantART Groups  You admin 11 groups, most of them literature groups. Please tell us about each one including how each group serves the literature community.

Holy moly.  It sounds crazy when you say it like that.  Eleven groups.  Nuh uh.  :giggle:

BeACritic is a group that was formed from the critique challenges I started over a year ago.  It's a pretty basic idea.  Submit three thumbcodes and get a feature journal requesting critique and feedback on those deviations.  Originally, we only accepted literature, but we've expanded and allow all forms of art in the door now.  It's not a huge group, but it's definitely a project I love and wish it got more participation.

Beta-Readers is the group that's been on my list the longest.  I joined there after being on dA about six months.  The lovely MeganLawler94 talked thorns into bringing me onto the team and I've been there ever since.  We do admin pairing as well as have our gallery folders open for profile submissions for the writers and beta readers.  This is a literature only group.

communityrelations is the base for everything community.  It's where all the CVs get together and party with the booze and stri...:cough: I mean, get together and converse about important things.  :paranoid:  

CRLiterature is the hub for all things literature.  Literature CVs (past and present) are on admin there as well as an awesome team of community oriented deviants that help run contests, think up awesome poll ideas, revive chat and engage with the lit community in general.  They're all wonderful people and support the current Lit CVs.

CRCommunityProjects is still a bit of a work in progress, but has a mentor program and regularly promotes community projects.

devBUG is the hub for beta testers.  I've been an Alpha Tester since April 2013.

FocusOnLit is my baby but also the red-headed step child of all my groups.  I've had such high hopes for the group, but haven't had the opportunity to really kick it off properly.  It's a group that is dedicated to getting feedback for your literature by breaking deviants into small critique groups/teams.  

Group-KickStarters is a fairly new group with some really awesome ideas.  Have you ever started a group and didn't know what to do or where to go?  Well, we help you.  Either by giving you a mentor or simply answering questions.  We're also working on some instructions journals!

TalentedWritersGuild has been around for awhile and is a quality control literature group.  All deviations are read and must be accepted by three members in order to get into the gallery.  It's known for very high standards but also for one of the best group galleries on dA!  

WordWars runs chat events with four rounds of words wars.  We used to tour around dA but have been quiet lately since IrrevocableFate and I are the main admins there and being CVs plus having lives kinda hinders our ability to keep it going regularly.

WritersInk is one of the awesomest groups I've ever been a part of.  I've been there on and off about three times now.  They run weekly features on submissions and started monthly workshops last year.  The admins are SUPER friendly and we all try to give feedback on what comes through the doors.  Very awesome group all around!

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:iconbeacritic: :iconbeta-readers: :iconcommunityrelations: :iconcrliterature: :iconcommunityprojects: :icondevbug:

:iconfocusonlit: :icongroup-kickstarters: :icontalentedwritersguild: :iconwordwars: :iconwritersink:

db1 by RBSRdesigns

Q~6:  Writing Emote - NaNo5 Do you have a favorite type of writing? You state you are just "a drunk with a pen" but surely you aren't always drunk when writing! :kittygiggle: 

:giggle:  Actually, I can't write when I'm drunk.  Seriously.  I've only ever written like one thing while drunk and I had to have evil83angel edit it before submitting, because it was riddled with typos and missing words.  But she's awesome like that.  As for a favorite type of writing, definitely romance.  90% of what I write it romance.  It's my go to genre.  It's what I read and what I enjoy.

Q~7: Daily Deviation It is humbling and yet gratifying to be recognized for the art that you love to create. You've received three DDs. Was receiving the 3rd as exciting as receiving your first?

Absolutely!  The first was a massive surprise.  I still remember getting in January 1, 2012; mainly because thorns stayed up late so she could be the first person to congratulate me, but then she got Deviousness that same day and had a worse MC than me.  Karma at its best.  :giggle:  And it's very humbling.  I don't really consider much anything in my gallery to be worthy of a DD.  I write because an idea pops in my head.  The two deviations I got DDs on in the Literature gallery are two pieces that I wrote spur of the moment, didn't really edit, but just wrote what was inside.  Which I guess is the best way to write.

A Guide to Character SheetsAlmost as soon as they were invented, people have been feuding over the effectiveness of character sheets.  Some say they are godsends and they couldn't possibly create characters without them.  Others say they only create flat characters and there's absolutely no reason why any writer should need to know the smallest and most minute details that character sheets call for.  And then there are the writers that don't know which side of the debate they should listen to.
The easiest answer to that question is it's a personal decision that every writer needs to make for themselves.  But before you make that decision, maybe you should know how they work and the benefits you can gain from them.
You see, when used correctly, sheets can really assist an author in keeping the facts about their world and characters straight.  Otherwise, on page ten little Anne has green eyes, but on page thirty-two they change to blue, and miraculously enough on page fifty-five they're brown or back to green.  
  Breakup SpeechIt's not you, it's me. I know it's the oldest excuse in the book, but hey, when it works, it works. Did you really see this lasting longer than a couple months? When does anything last longer than a couple months with me? I hope we can still be friends.
Yeah, 'cause everyone wants to be friends with the ex-lover. Like it ever works.
You know me. You know the type of person that I am. I've never been able to settle down. My heart wanders like a nomad. It seeks shelter where it's offered but only stays long enough to get warm. Attachment isn't an option for me. My mind is too warped. It's too dark to ever let someone in. Truly let someone in.
No, fuck! That's all wrong. It's too personal.  Too emotional.  Let me try again.
I don't want to do this, but I'm only going to hurt you if I don't.  And that's the last thing I want to do. So I'm ending this before it goes too far. I completely understand if you never want to talk to me again.

That w
  Best Damn WomanWhen I was younger, my home life wasn't really conducive to having friends. My only friend for most of my life was my cousin. We were only a few months apart in age, but we felt like twins. Finished each others' sentences, would text the same things to each other at the same time, could sense when the other was in pain or just needed a pick me up.  We invaded each others' lives and were the last person we each said "I love you" to at the end of the day.
A little over a year ago, she was killed in a car wreck along with her husband. But there are times I still get those feelings. Still want to grab my phone and send a text. Sometimes, I've actually sent the text and then I wonder who the person is on the receiving end. They've never responded.  Not sure what I'd do if I did get a response.
I miss her more than I've ever missed anything. Even her faults. Like when she'd take over my house and force me to do something I didn't want to do. Joining dA was one of those take overs.&

Q~8: :writing: How would you suggest a deviant get started in writing? What classes would you recommend? How would someone stay motivated in order to improve his/her writing skills?

Write.  Write all the time.  Write about everything.  Soak up whatever knowledge you can get.  That doesn't need to be in the form of classes because that can be expensive.  Libraries often have events for writers (especially around NaNo).  Local critique groups are awesome too.  But as much as you write, you also need to share.  You can't get better if no one's able to see what you're writing and improve how to be better.  And critique others.  You'd be surprised how much you can learn by critiquing others.  It sounds weird, but it's true.  And read.  Reading shows us new techniques, gives us inspiration, expands our vocabulary, it does so much and people don't give it enough credit.

 Character Motivation Sheet by GrimFace242 Mythology Info Sheet by GrimFace242 Literature Info Sheets by GrimFace242  5 Steps to Organize Your NovelWhat You'll Need:
:bulletblack: A basic story idea
:bulletblack: Printer (preferably laser) with plenty of paper
:bulletblack: Pens
:bulletblack: Three Ring Binders (2) with separating tabs
Build Your World and Characters
For most writers, this comes naturally.  If you're having some issues, there are plenty of tutorials, guides, aids and groups available for assistance.  For the purpose of this guide, you should have your world built and at the very least your main characters devised.  Having secondary characters planned will get you bonus points!
Print Character and Plot Sheets
Each character should have their own sheet (keep the backs blank, they're a grand place to keep extra notes and page references).  It's not necessary that you fill out every single line of the character sheet.  Fill out only what is necessary for the character/plot.  Feel free to add to the sheet as your write, too.  The

Q~9: What IS it with you and thorns????
Completely innocent.  I swear.  I don't touch wife parts.  :giggle:  In all seriousness, we've become really, really good friends.  I'd consider her among one of my closest friends and we've never met.  But we care about each other and how the other is doing.  Plus, we love pulling shenanigans on and with each other.  We're perfectly devious together.

Q~10: Anything else you would like to add?

You're all awesome.  :heart:

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Moments by GrimFace242   PrincessItty bitty toes in black combat boots,
her giggles fill the house.
  Into the Woods by GrimFace242

Twitter backdrop by GrimFace242   The Library“This has always been my favorite room.”  Greyson's heavy boots echoed as he circled around the room.  Aside from his footfalls, the rest of the extravagant home was silent.  He gingerly hooked his finger into the bindings on the old books that were so carefully placed on the ancient bookcases, caressing the spine on each one.  “Even as a young child, I loved this room.  Uncle Damascus would tell Lydia and I the most adventurous stories in here.  Father told us not to listen to his tall tales and that Damascus wasn't his real name, but it's the only one we ever had for him.  I'm not even sure how he got the nickname.”
His eyes flickered around the room.  The dark wood paneling and floor to ceiling bookcases weren't the only attraction.  The second floor of the library had ornate stained-glass windows.  Each depicting a different vision.  Uncle Damascus once told Greyson that each Master of the house designed
 Blinding Trust by GrimFace242

The Library - Take TwoGreyson's heavy boots echoed as he circled around the room.  Aside from his footfalls, the rest of the extravagant home was silent.  “This has always been my favorite room.”  Sticking out his index finger, he hooked the bindings so carefully placed on the ancient bookcases.  “Even as a young child, I loved this room.  Uncle Damascus would tell Lydia and I the most adventurous stories in here.  Father assured us it wasn't his real name, but still, the only one we ever had for him.”
His grey-blue eyes flickered around the room and took in all the décor.  The house had been in the family for centuries.  All of the rooms had been redone at some point.  Either by a new Mistress that wanted her own tastes instead of the mother before her, or greedy young Masters that needed to show off their money and power.  All the rooms but the library.  Somehow it always remained safe from the demolition teams.  Lu
  Deepest Caverns by GrimFace242   Never Going Back.Little boy, little boy.
Won't you come here.
Little boy, little boy.
Won't you stay here.
He cries in the dark.
Stands strong in the world.
Fears that old monster.
Slowly learns to push back.
Young man, young man.
Won't you come back.
Young man, young man.
Won't you ever return.
He catches the strap.
Shatters the firewater.
Freeing himself.
Sheds not a tear.
Old man, old man.
Won't you help them.
Old man, old man.
Will you ever go back?

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Heart2Heart -Free 2 Use by Undead-AcademyMany thanks to GrimFace242 for taking the time to do the interview :iconbigheartplz:

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