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Angels Without Wings Monthly Articles ~ Nameda is the organizer of this wonderful feature.

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Today's Headlines From The News Desk 7-22-15
Today’s Headlines From The News DeskJuly 22, 2015
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Today's Inspiration
Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.
— Helen Keller
Spectre Trailer
The trailer for the newest installment of James Bond movies has arrived and it's everything you'd expect from 007 — car chases, explosions and not one but two Bond girls — played by Monica Bellucci and Lea Seydoux.

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Is art an element within your career? Do you make money off of your artistic abilities? Do you have any experiences dealing with art in the professional world? Do you know about a great way to use artistic knowledge within a career? Do you know a professional artist you'd like to interview? Then please send a note to projecteducate pitching your article idea!
We are very open when it comes to these weeks, you don't have to be a big shot professional in any industry, you could simply have a lot of experience with selling your art, or using your artistic knowl

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Pimps and Whoas - July 22, 2015
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Free dA Avatar2for AvieProject by WDWParksGal Free dA Avatar for AvieProject by WDWParksGal Free dA Avatar3for AvieProject by WDWParksGal
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I won a custom commission from Amarantheans and she created this adorable customization icon!

Wdwparksgal by Amarantheans

Figment is a creation of The Dream Finder from an attraction at Epcot at Walt Disney World. Always a fan favorite, Figment even has Meet and Greets!

Epcot Figment 10 by AreteStock

Many thanks to Amarantheans for this wonderful gift!

Thank you handwhriting ~  F R E E S T U F F by AStoKo

Edit: Am now using the Figment as an avatar for TheDreamFinder, a site used to find features for DisneyDreamers ~ :iconthedreamfinder:
Many thanks for permission to use the prize as an avatar :nuu:
inknalcohol and I won second place in the "Visualize Our Dreams" contest! One of the prizes was a poem written by Christianonfire7 ~ she wrote a beautiful poem that fit the theme of our entries ~ "The Dream of Return Home". Here is what she wrote:
Stainless cloudsWe are all created from Legends,
of long forgotten dreams.

Clouds once captured us in stainless white sheets.
Bays of eternal seas danced graceful
-unremembered- tides against our feet.
Each night we could see the stars -shout-
their names to the galaxy.
Adjacent planets stretched out endless
arms to hug us goodnight.
There was a time when my home planet was-
-perfect and safe. Where our sanctuary rested in-
-peaceful, comforting, holy clouds.
Now, now my planet is a floating dream
lodged in my restless mind.
Where my true home forever sleeps.

Many thanks to Christianonfire7 for writing this :heart:
Alliance by Christianonfire7
See the winners here!
Winners!!!Awareness Of The Arts: Visualize our Dreams Contest
Well the results are in!
Everyone did a great job with their entries into this contest and I am actually looking forward to "hopefully" make this a yearly thing so... wish me luck!
1st Place Winners

Will recive
1000 Points each from Nesmaty (OurDreamsWillComedon)
3-Month Premium (or point equivalent) from dAWishingWell  
50x50 pixel gif from Amarantheans 
Traditional graphite drawing from CallMeFarGone 
Pixel Drawing from Candyfied 
Poetry Commission from Christianonfire7 
Photo Stock from EveLivesey 
Complex Animated Icon from Lagomorphas

2nd Place Winners

will recive
Journal Skin from Nesmaty 
300 Points each from Amarantheans  
1-month pr

Candle Divider o1 by AngelicHellraiserblack divider by ToxiceStea
To Quote Jessie-kad whose amazing picture of American Pharoah as he was winning the Belmont Stakes, the third leg to winning the Triple Crown, received a DD today: "American Pharoah wins the Belmont Stakes, becoming horse racing's elusive 12th Triple Crown winner."

It has been a long dry spell since 
Affirmed won the Triple Crown in 1978. Affirmed, Secretariat and other winners belong to a small and very exclusive club.

Personally, I started to cry when I realized American Pharoah was going to win the Belmont and go down in history as a Triple Crown Winner. A long dry spell indeed.

American Pharoah Wins the Belmont Stakes by Jessie-kadAmerican Pharoah Wins the Kentucky Derby by Jessie-kad

Going Dark for a Week or So

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 29, 2015, 1:21 AM
Tuxedo Kitty Divider by IridescentStardust

Moving is upon us. I'll be without Internet Access until reconnected at the new place. Will be able to have limited access on my iPhone, but it isn't easy to do group work on the phone, so there will be a gap in some groups between when deviations are submitted and accepted; the same with join requests. Other groups have active admins, so there shouldn't be an issue. Anyhoo, so long for now and I'll see you on the other side of moving half way across the great state of Ohio!

Apartment Pictures

Fully-sized stock pictures at the :above: link. Some of the pictures are provided below the Preview Pane but the rest can be viewed in the link. Views include inside the apartment, front and back porches and views from the center apartment looking left, front and right. Stock is unrestricted. Preview Pane is posted in the gallery at WDWParksGal-Stock 

Apartment Stock Previw Pane by WDWParksGal-Stock

Great Room and Kitchen Image 2537 by WDWParksGal  An Open Concept Image 2561 by WDWParksGal  Living Room Image 2539 by WDWParksGal  Second Bedroom Bedroom Image 2555 by WDWParksGal 

Master Bedroom Image 2546 by WDWParksGal   Master Bedroom Jetted Bathtub Image 2541 by WDWParksGal  A Back Porch from Bedroom Image 2557 by WDWParksGal  A View to the Left of Porch Image 2549 by WDWParksGal  A Front View from Porch Image 2553 by WDWParksGal  

Candle Divider o1 by AngelicHellraiser
white divider by ToxiceStea

CSS by UszatyArbuz :iconuszatyarbuz:


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Never Forget.....

Friedrich Nietzsche said, "That which does not kill us, makes us stronger"
American Flag by Brinatello

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