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Challenge: Santa's Elves Need New Outfits


Deadline: December 17th — Wrap Up: December 20th

By techgnotic
Saint Nick by CrazyAsian1
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Challenge Wrap Ups

After many years of heated negotiations, only the threat of unionization and a crippling holiday season strike by worker–elves could finally bring Santa Claus, the ultimate traditionalist, to the bargainin
Goblins vs. Gnomes Challenge

Create Your Own Mischievous Goblin or Gnome!
The battle has been declared. Side with either the cunning and dangerous Goblins or the clever and wacky Gnomes. Create your own Goblin or Gnome inspired by Hearthstone's new expansion pack, Goblins vs Gnomes, and include the invention they would use to confuse, confound, or explode their opponents.
Holiday Card Project 2014
The deviantART #HolidayCardProject is back for its 8th year!  With the goal of bringing a bit of holiday cheer to patients in the hospital during the holiday season, the Holiday Card Project connects artists from around the world, applying their tremendous artistic abilities to designing and creating uplifting holiday cards.
In 2013 alone, the Project received more than 5,000 cards sent in by more than 2,000 deviants from 60 different countries/political regions. Cards were then divvied up and distributed by deviantART members to local Los Angeles hospitals, with additional cards given to various hospitals in the U.S. and abroad for deviantART volunteers and hospital staff members to hand out to patients.
The idea behind the Holiday Card Project is simple: do something nice for others. However, if you're looking for even more incentive, every deviant who sends in a card will
Site Update: Activity Widget, Search Additions
In our continuous effort to improve the deviantART experience, we're publishing weekly Site Updates to keep members informed and to gather feedback. Below is a list of recent changes to the site, bug fixes, and feedback that was brought up by members in the last Site Update.
What's New
Activity Widget
In response to community feedback, we've updated the Activity widget displayed on Profile Pages. Many deviants mentioned that the widget takes up a lot of space, and some also mentioned that they would like to use this space to solely feature their Status Updates, which otherwise can only be found on the Watch Feed.
The Activity widget is now editable, with two actionable changes for deviants to customize, giving you more c
Community Update: Activity WidgetIn response to community feedback, we've made refinements to some of our recently launched features.
To start, we've updated the Activity widget displayed on Profile Pages. Many deviants mentioned that the widget takes up a lot of space, and some also mentioned that they would like to use this space to solely feature their Status Updates, which otherwise can only be found on the Watch Feed.
The Activity widget is now editable, with two actionable changes for deviants to customize, giving you more control over what displays on your Profile Page: 
Display all items, or just Status Updates.Display 5, 10, or 20 items.
This is the initial update of several improvements to come, and we're continuing to monitor performance and community feedback to better the DeviantArt experience. We look forward to reading and thank you for your continued feedback!
Give the Gift of Art ChallengeHow Would You Express Your Feelings Through Art? DeviantART and Wacom have joined forces to inspire you to give the gift of art! To participate, create a piece of art that illustrates a precious possession-whether physical, emotional, or spiritual-that you would like to share with someone special in your life. ifty semi-finalists will be selected by designated members of deviantART, and all semi-finalists and winners will receive prints of their entry to share with friends and loved ones. Top entrants will receive even greater prizing!
How To EnterOfficial RulesPrizesView EntriesSubmit Entry
13+, International
November Literature NewsletterIt seems like this year is just passing us by so quickly and it's hard to play catch up with everything that's going on.  Hopefully you've all are having an easier time of staying tuned in than I am.  October was a pretty active month with lots of contests running and new ones being announced.  Keep in mind that you're allowed to publish your journals through CRLiterature or submit to our News Articles Folder.  It gets more attention to your project AND helps CRLiterature continue to be the hub for all things literature in the community.
If you hadn't noticed, we've also welcomed SingingFlames to the Lit CV team.  So she's handling Fan Fiction as well as Literature.  Be sure to check out her DD Suggestion Guidelines.  Now, let's see all the awesome things that were going on in October and some that are running through November.
Contests, Prompts & Challenges
The Hunger Games: Accidental Statement of Protest?

The Hunger Games: An Accidental Statement of Protest?
By techgnotic
Catching fire by Kris-Kamikakushi
In Bangkok, Thailand, students are being arrested for raising their hands in the air to flash Katniss’ three–finger “freedom” salute.
That’s right, the Katniss who’s the fictional heroine of the popular dystopian sci–fi “Hunger Games” movie series. The world has changed over the last few decades in a very big way, but some are apparently unaware of it or undisturbed by the stunning ramifications.
Advanced sur

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For the list of CVs, link to Community Relations Team and scroll to the bottom for a full-listing of current volunteers or click on FAQ #18: Who selects Daily Deviations and how are they chosen?
FAQ #61: What is a Daily Deviation?
FAQ #2: Where can I find the official deviantART Copyright Policy?
FAQ #873: What do I do when I disapprove of a Daily Deviation feature?
FAQ #20: Where can I find the deviantART Terms of Service?
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FAQ #94: Can I use the works which I find on deviantART?
FAQ #502: Can I submit things which I made using different "games" like a doll maker or with other character generators?
FAQ #157: Can I use things created by other people in my submissions?
FAQ #257: What sort of permission do I need to use someone else's work?
FAQ #809: What are deviantART's stock image guidelines?
FAQ #696: How does deviantART comply with COPPA?
Free dA Avatar2for AvieProject by WDWParksGal Free dA Avatar for AvieProject by WDWParksGal Free dA Avatar3for AvieProject by WDWParksGal
:iconnewsboyplz: I invite you to click here every day! This link supports free mammograms for those who cannot afford them.

And :please: please while there, link on each individual button to donate. The site is fully supported by sponsors and cost nothing to click!
:earth:Also, click on The Ecology Fund ~ daily clicks help to save land!
:silentkitty:Then there is help for domestic animals. Feed Kitties and Feed Doggies by answering fun questions each day (doesn't have to be a right answer to donate free kibble).
PutYourBraveFaceOn found a wonderful site, Click to Donate Free that has all sorts of charitable sites in one spot making it easy to donate. Just click on each link and click where marked and the sponsors make a donation!


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Go Bucks!! O - H !!

Ohio State Stamp by AreteEireneOhio State Stamp by nascarstones

Stock Mentorship

Wed Jan 21, 2015, 10:00 PM
Divider by Canzeda
Divider by Canzeda

WDWParksGal is my name and stock is my game! I have stock on this site, as well as at WDWParksGal-Stock and TheStockWarehouse. I am either a Founder or Co-Founder at the following stock groups:
Fantasy-Stock-Group Stock-For-Premades Joint-Stock WingIt-Stock
Groups that have a stock folder:
Mindspan Holidays DevNews 

My stocks are varied: Premade Backgrounds, Tubes and Cut-Outs, Landscapes, Skies, Clouds, Theme Parks, Fairs, Animals, Holidays, Objects and Textures, as well as creating wallpapers that can be used as a stock background, character references, digital scrapbook pages, gradients, banners, group and deviant avatars, tutorials and CSS backgrounds. I've provided stock for the community to use (unrestricted) for many years now. I would be happy to help anyone who would like to get started providing stock either on his/her current site or a new site created just for stock. From offering advice, finding tutorials to share, offering hints on creating different stock types, as well as other help, I'm open for "business". Just send me a note with any questions.

Sprouts Divider by Kawiku

:iconnewsboyplz: Stock Hints and Tips:

:bulletgreen: If a new site is desired just for stock, remember that DeviantART requires a different email account for each DeviantART site, so a new email account may need to be created in order to set-up a new site.
:bulletgreen: Make sure any rules for use of the stock is clearly stated in the artist description and/or a journal and/or a widget on the profile page. Be clear and concise to make sure there isn't any misunderstanding about how the stock can be used. State whether the stock can be used off DA. Remember that once a stock is posted that all the rules in the world may not protect abuse of the stock, hot-linking or reloading the stock on to other sites. If there is concern about how the stock is used, an option is to use a watermark over the preview image then Points :points: can be charged to download the larger, unmarked stock.
:bulletgreen: :camera: Stocks should be clear and not fuzzy or grainy. Be sure to mark the Common License prior to submitting to verify the stock is for use in the community. 
:bulletgreen: The minimum size for any stock is 1000 x 1000 pixels. Tube and Clear-Cut PNG stocks are subjected to the same size limit.
:bulletgreen: Rotate Stocks so they are not posted sideways. Also, straighten stocks whenever possible. 
:bulletgreen: :police: Google is NOT a stock source! Do not post "celebrity" cut-outs, movie screenshots, official logos or anything else that is protected by a ©/™ (see FAQ below). 
:bulletgreen: It is a good idea to have a folder in the favorites just for stock uses. It is a way to give support to the artist using the stock, as well as keeping tracking of what stock is used where and when.
:bulletgreen: :helpdesk: For specifics regarding stock and fair use issues, make good use of the "Help and FAQs":
FAQ #792: As a stock art resource provider, how can I be of help in regards of stock art resource usage in prints?
FAQ #365: May I Sell Stock on the Premium Content Platform?
FAQ #809: What are deviantART's stock image guidelines?
FAQ #8: What are violations of the deviantART copyright policy?
FAQ #32: Fair Use and Your Submission

Little Hearts Divider (Green) by JEricaM
Stock Community Volunteers:
Little Hearts Divider (Green) by JEricaM

Elandria PirateLotus-Stock CelticStrm-Stock 

Candle Divider o1 by AngelicHellraiser 
black divider by ToxiceStea

A Few Stock Tutorials and Information:

Some things we should talk aboutThis journal is here to highlight, debug and bust some myths for you all of stuff that goes on ALL the time, and is in part spurred by some recent events that leave me somewhat baffled and perplexed over some of the behavior we've been recently seeing across the DA communities, particularly Stock & Resources, and Photomanip since we work so closely together (and its apparently time I wrote a new wall of text to you all.)
Every community has them.  Those constant "issues" that make people angry and frustrated. Sometimes they can be easily solved with a little effort, and other times something just snaps and causes reactions that are far and away over the top.  Here are some of our top faves.
Its time for everyone to take a nice soothing deep breath, its a long one!
There will be a test at the end. :stare:
OMG WHY DID YOU SEND YOUR REPLY TO PirateLotus-Stock and CelticStrm-Stock AS WELL??
Hello, welcome to TEAM Stock and Resources!
   How to Stock 5- Gallery OrganizationWelcome to "How to Stock," a short series of articles on how to do some stock basics. We'll ask the big names in stock for their tips and opinions on how to get the best out of your stock shoot!
This fifth article is the special Stock & Resources Project Educate Week article.  For this article, I asked SenshiStock and kirilee just one question about their galleries.  Let's see what they said!

How do you keep your gallery organized, concise, and well-representing of you?
:iconsenshistock: SenshiStock says:
There's a few methods which I employ to try to manage the gallery as it gets larger. First, I use a series of folders to help sort poses into categories. There are a lot of folders, and sometimes images fit into more than one folder. For example, I might have a pose where I'm using a sword, but I'm also kneeling. This image would go both in the Sit and Kneel Drawing Poses f
  Great stockers with fair rules around dAAdded 11 new stockers  18th of August 2014
Hy folks
As I am lately back with some manips, I thought its about time 
to make a journal with some of my favourite stockers :)
Why they are my favourite? Well they are for several reasons!
Each of those who will be listed here, will have:
:bulletpink: good to excellent quality, 
:bulletpink: Sizes which are usable beyond webpics shortest side at least 1200, 
(that excludes cutouts, jewellery or any stuff you wouldn't need as primary object in your manip and seamless patterns)
:bulletblue: Rules that allow commercial usage (at least on dA and on request for outside dA) 
:bulletblue: Rules that allow outside dA usage without being forced to slap the stockers name ON the artwork itself. 
:bulletblue: or Rules that are fully unrestricted
:bulletred: This includes stock-providers that take a few points for their stock, because I rather pay a few points if the TOU's & quality are grea
  Free Stock and Resources outside dAPlease fave if you find this journal useful
I updated and added new stuff on: March 9th 2014
Hy folks,
before I started doing my own art, I was an avid incredimail email- stationary creator.
(All legal always with freeware, according to terms, with written permission etc)
For that reason I have collected a massive bunch of pages with stockphotos (free for profit reasons)
free & shareware fonts, plugin pages and so on.
I thought that it might be as useful for creating art for some of you.
The quality and resolution of the images varies so check yourself :)
I met several people who don't know much free stock outside dA..
although dA holds fantastic stock photographers and artists too! one can never have enough choice ;)
Where possible I added a link to their TOU (Terms of use) beside the link to the mainpage
As a disclaimer:
I am not affiliated with one of the pages linked to, nor am I to hold liable for any content there. You visit those sides at your own ris
  Stock Copyright - Shutterstock, iStock vs. DAFirst and foremost, I am not a lawyer. This journal contains my personal understanding of copyright law, terms and conditions for the mentioned websites as it relates to the stock and the artistic community here on DeviantArt (DA).
However, please feel free to share this journal.
Recently, one of DA’s most active and respected stock users came under fire for using off site (meaning outside DA) stocks in her work. As a “stocker”, I was surprised to hear of this - It was my understanding that this was common practice for artists to do.
It prompted me to look into the matter and dust off the little bit of arts law I studied whilst doing my post grad in Arts Management. (And I will save you the definition of IP law and the fact that copyright stays in effect for about 150 years, give or take a few. If you want to read a bit more about the basics in easy to und
 How to remember stocks were used in your artwork? by CD-STOCK Exclusive Stock Pack Tutorial by CelticStrm-Stock Video Tutorial Advanced CutOut by DraakeT by DraakeT  Not legitimate stock tips /how to reportMany people ask me what this term means ¨not legitimate stock¨

and always ask me how I know? how to identify?. so I decide to post a journal with many tip,

first...the things written here in this journal, I did a long search. and I'm doing this to help and inform people about this subject.
and first I'll tell because I started getting interested in this subject. three things happened that made me pay attention in this detail.
1 - a long time ago, I used the stock from pixabay in some premades. and unfortunately I did not know that this site is not reliable, so I was denounced and I had all my contents posted in stock removed.
2 - I used a premade, but the person who did this premade used a stock that was not allowed to be used, and this premade was denounced and people who used also have been denounced and had my manipulation was moved to scrap for infringed copyright.
3 - I used a PNG, and after

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