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Autumn Maple Tree by WDWParksGal Autumn Maple Tree by WDWParksGal
I read how to email my iPhone pictures to my It took me a couple tries but managed to do it. In applications and settings check mark the box where you allow emails to be sent directly to An address comes up that can be used. The middle part of the address can be changed to something easier to remember, which I altered and used to email this. I held down the stylus until the option came up to select all. Then I chose copy from the drop down menu. I opened my album and chose this pic then used the option to email it. I again held down the stylus on the "to" bar until the paste option appeared then pasted the email address on to it (do wish I could figure out how to copy longer text). I sent, then checked my again. I had to refresh but the pic was there! Cool beaners!!
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DameOdessa Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
:love: This is fantastic! :wow:
WDWParksGal Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2012
Thank you. The same tree is full of buds... it isn't even spring yet!!!
KV-Arts Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
Cool Beaners!! :rofl: Oh I NEEDED THAT this morning!! :glomp:

And what a beautiful tree! :love:
WDWParksGal Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2012
:giggle: When my sister and I were young we used to say "cool beaners" for some random reason. Every now and then it pop backs up in the old vocabulary!
KV-Arts Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
The beans have been in my vocabulary for a while too (esp. sweet beans since I am part Dominican and my family makes a dessert called 'sweet beans'). My use of 'holy monkeys' makes =KasK crack up pretty bad =D
WDWParksGal Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2012
:rofl: Yes, not sure what "holy monkeys" would mean exactly..... the vernacular changes depending on where you live, too.... Ohioans are notorious for cutting short words, so when I heard someone on "The Celebrity Apprentice" say "sammich" instead of sandwich I laughed out loud. Other ways of saying words: "yestaday" instead of "yesterday", brefass instead of "breakfast".... not sure why there is a propensity to cut-off words in Ohio :giggle:
KV-Arts Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
Well I guess it could be Lord Hanuman, if you are Hindu, or the Monkey King from Chinese mythology =D Just sounds funny =D

Ken says "sammich" too but we just like to change the pronunciation of words and make up new words really. Or put a new definition in. Like "perch", depending on how and when you say it, now means either you need to sit/lay down and properly digest your food; you are really full after eating; or if your stomach is giving you trouble and you feel sick =D I was in a glass-bottom boat and the waves rocked us forward as we looked into the window. The word that kept coming to me head was "perch". I think that was '05 and it is still going strong =D

Now I have a weird situation with pronunciations and accents. I have always had a Hispanic "rolling R" but that was it. About 4 years ago I really got into my Irish side. Irish music, cultural study, etc; so I have a slight Irish personality coming through. The about 3 years ago I went Western European! I think British. I was really into Jane Austen and had finally seen the newer 'Pride and Prejudice' movie. So I have a soft O and a few other changes that are coming in naturally. I don't even think about it anymore. I have also suddenly changed my spelling, adding 'u' (colour) and 'e' (programme) or switching 'r' and 'e' (theatre). I get highly influenced by movies and some of the pronunciations come from that. Most go away but the Olde English and British have stuck as well as Southern Cajun (thanks to Ray the Firefly from The Princess and the Frog. I say 'tion' like "Shawn"). Most recently I am starting to think/say 'me' instead of 'my' so my Irish is starting to come out. :psychotic:
WDWParksGal Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2012
I didn't think of Lord Hanuman. I do follow Hindu philosophy. I'm a Christian with an eastern-philosophy bent.

I get nauseous so easily. I can stand in the edge of the ocean and as the waves hit my ankles I'll be sick. I went on a glass-bottom boat ride once in Silver Springs, Florida and will not do that again. Urp. Ginger root helps, but when I take Dramamine I get tired or actually fall asleep!

In school I learned Spanish from a Cuban teacher and she taught us to use the rolling rrrrs. It is harder to do than it seems!

I love Irish music! I have decedents from Ireland, Scotland and Germany that I know of. Otherwise the old family married with Native Americans on both sides of Steve and I's families, so both families have been around the US for a very long time. I switch the r in theatre, too, as it just seems the more correct way to spell it but don't use the extra letters in program or color. I love "Pride and Prejudice" but do like the British mini-series better than the movie.

I've noticed how people will move to another area and eventually adjust to the accent there. My sister-in-law still has a slight Boston accent but mostly she just sounds like she is from the mid-west. Accents are funny things!
KV-Arts Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
Very cool :thumbsup: Lord Hanuman was one of the 3 gods I did for a commission last year. I love studying religions and a have a National Geo. book that goes through the world religions like an encyclopedia with all the stories and symbolism and everything. I think because I was born into an Evangelical Christian house, where they think they are the only way to Heaven and everyone must convert their way or be "idiots & sinners", I gravitated to cultural relativism, accepting all religious and personal views, within reason.

:hug: I felt pretty awful on the boatride back from Catalina Island last year on my birthday. The winds were pretty strong (they made us leave early because it was going to get worse later that evening) and the waves were choppy. Many people got sick on the boat.... adding to the misery... Luckily Ken and I decided to eat lunch/dinner on the mainland but my hungry stomach was really angry at me the whole time.

That I know of I have Irish, Native Dominican, and Spanish, but I also think Scottish. My dad's family is in New York and my mom came to the US in the 1970s. I can't tell but Ken says my mom has an accent so I guess she never lost her's. I knew someone who moved to England and when they came for a visit they had the accent. I would at least like to visit the places I seem to be attracting accents from! :lol: I did read that a woman in Oregon had mouth surgery and woke up with a Western European accent. That would be freaky!
MightyMorphinPower4 Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2012
Lovey shot
WDWParksGal Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2012
Thank you. It is a very large Maple Tree in the back yard. My in-laws brought it up to plant in 1978 when it was a small, slightly-bent tree and it has gotten quit large since then!
DiamonEyes Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2012
WDWParksGal Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2012
:hug: Thank you. It takes longer to lose its leaves versus other deciduous trees, so it is quite a beauty in the fall.
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