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March 11, 2007
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Sep 13, 2006, 4:56:25 PM


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Cinderella's Castle and Canal by WDWParksGal Cinderella's Castle and Canal by WDWParksGal
Yet Another picture :camera: of Cinderella's Castle. Side View reflected into the canal. The yucky canal that when a Cast Member leaves Disney he or she is thrown into the muck back stage :faint: where the water is the murkiest as some sort of weird send-off. Thankfully, Tina just had a party :giggle: and didn't get soaked!

Cinderella's Castle at The Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World is a of The Disney Corporation ~

Adjust tilt of photo .04 to the right added thin border in Photo-Shop
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Majagual Mar 13, 2007   Interface Designer
I love this angle...!! I have like 5 different pics of the castle... but this one is different... I love it!!!
Thank you :thanks: ~ I took lots and lots of pictures during the two trips to Disney last year so have about 5000 to go through ;)
Majagual Mar 14, 2007   Interface Designer
WWWOWWWWWW... u are really a Disney fan... I've been there just 3 times in my life...
The most often I've gone is five times in a year. Usually it is only 1 to 3 times. There are so many Disney freaks out there in the world, which is why I email subscribe to, Mousesavers, Mouseforless and other Disney fan sites! Disney, Disney, Disney. Whether a person is a little kid or a Doctor or some sort, all types love :heart: Disney :giggle:
Majagual Mar 14, 2007   Interface Designer
I love it too!!! My favorite parks in Orlando are Magic Kingdom and Universal Studios, just the Back To The Future atraction and store, make the visit worthy...
I absolutely agree! The Back to the Future Attraction alone (I've seen the movie trilogy probably 150 times) is worth the price of admission. When my niece first told me that the next trip my family and I waited in line to ride and it was just so very worth it! I do like Universal better than Universal's Island of Adventure, simply because Island kicks my rear end. I get hurt in some way every time I'm there. One time my son was injured when the Spiderman ride was activated before all the people exited the ride, and he was hit in the back and knocked forward into the 3-D glasses bin. It really put a crimp on the rest of the trip making touring difficult. My daughter and I returned to the park the following summer after filing a complaint at Guest Services and found that the exit procedure had been altered to avoid injury to anyone else. My son would have been very happy about that.

I haven't been to Sea World, albeit I went to the one that was in Ohio, not an hour from my house :house: many times before it was sold. Will have to take in Sea World in Orlando one day. There is just so much to see :eyes: and do every trip. I spend weeks in the Orlando area each year and still don't do everything I want to!
Majagual Mar 15, 2007   Interface Designer
The first time I went to MGM Studios, Universal, Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Sea World... I loved Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Universal, I'm not a fan of sea animals acting to the audience... MGM was OK, but not very impressive, I loved the Twililight Zone elevator, that thing is unbelievable...

So, the next time we did not go to Sea World and MGM... but we visited Animal Kingdom, for animal lovers and kids it must be fun... for us a little boring... that time we went to MK and Epcot again...

The last time was like "the best of the first 2 visits", we choose our favorites... Universal, MK, Epcot... the rest of the time we just enjoyed Kissimmee...
I do love :heart: Epcot. Animal Kingdom has my favorites, same with The Studios. The Magic Kingdom gets a lot of my touring time. The water parks are simply awesome but I've gotten hurt a couple times (am not always steady on my feet and have medical problems so I can get hurt more easily). My daughter lived in Kissimmee for a few years and there was always something to do there.... shopping, movies, Gator Land, Ol' Town, lots of eating :hungry: places, etc. I can get around the Orlando area and surrounding counties better than I can get around Youngstown, Ohio, which should tell you something about how often I travel there :rofl: ~ Parks Gal :rose:
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