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Soaring Eagle Warrior Princess by WDWParksGal Soaring Eagle Warrior Princess by WDWParksGal

For The Native American Contest at #Contest-Cornucopia :iconcontest-cornucopia:

Read the link provided in the title to describe the background for the contest. Both hubby and I have Native American blood as part of our heritage and Soaring Eagle is my Animal Guide.

The Story of Soaring Eagle and The Warrior Princess without the Text and the overlay of the Eagle. Also, it is from a differently-saved PSD file, so the two background pics are not identical.

Alternate Version:

The Background Story: Soaring Eagle, a long-time spirit guide, leads The Warrior Princess back to the path of enlightenment. She usually does not see him but she seemingly hears him and when dream-walking she can walk side by side with him in the ethereal world.
Here, she is surrounded by woodland friends and the wise owl as the spirit guide rises to the sky, his job now finished. It has taken her many moons for her to find the way back to her original purpose of this lifetime. She readies herself to shoot an arrow into the sky in reverence to her renewed faith in The One. So Let it be Spoken; So Let it be Written; So Let it be Done.

~ Model Stock by *Tasastock
~ Bison and lower landscape from The Columbus Zoo©
~ Animal Kingdom Everest©
The deer is an exclusive stock prize from =loveit ~ direct link unavailable for anyone but prize winners.
The spears and the feather (same one just flipped to make the second then used filters and adjustments) are no longer posted on dA but permission to use them has been granted by *Asaenath
The big rock and the owl (from my iPhoto) will probably get posted on my stock site eventually.

BRUSH RESOURCES (The Names Link Back to the Brush):
Butterflies are standard with the PhotoShop Elements Program; ergo, NO link available.
Aurora by ~redheadstock
Mythical Set by ~Rach-Resources
Moon, Stars, Sparkles by =Falln-Stock
Grasses by *Katikut
On the Model, after repainting, used an Eyelash Brush by ~redheadstock to redo the eyes.

Everest (Roller Coaster Ride) at The Animal Kingdom, Walt Disney World is a © of The Disney Corporation ~
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Manwathiell-Stock Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2010
Your entry is official !!! :clap:

Good luck at the contest, dear Phyllis!!

WDWParksGal-Stock Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you kindly :hug:
da-joint-stock Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2010  Student General Artist
I think I like this version better. The eagle sort of distracts the eye from the rest of the piece.

The woman looks a little better, but the purple in her clothes is unusual. I don't remember if PS Elements has this ability, but try to adjust the hue/saturation of only the purple tone of the woman.

Also, the woman looks a little flat - a few more shadows on her skin should fix this - see if you can add some very faint shadows to her face too - these would be very difficult to add but would add to the realism.

Awesome work!!
WDWParksGal Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2010
To get the look of the dress, I took a light-blue color and at 50% opacity and changing the mode to saturation I went over the dress with a brush. I'm not sure if I can change the saturation of just the dress without affecting the whole page, but I can "paint over" the dress again without the mode change. The dress would just be the color of the brush then. There is a negative/light function that may work on the model, as well.

I will try and figure out what you mean by using the freehand tool. Not sure what that is. I usually do have a layer over the model when shadowing, as well as another under. I'll try that feather/blur selection for the mode. It didn't occur to me I could just chance the opacity of the layer when using shadow :ohmygod: ~ I'm such a goofball. I have changed the opacity in layers for other things but didn't even think of the shadow. I'm keeping your other comment because it has such good information in it for reference.

There is a function in Elements that is supposed to make it easy to erase the background from a chosen object. I will choose the object I want to keep then choose the areas that need to be erased then usually most of the picture is erased. I have no idea how to do it correctly or what I'm doing wrong. I looked on the help but it wasn't much help. It may as well be written in Greek. But then, if it was Greek then at least my daughter could translate it for me!!!!

Speaking of cold for a headache, I have a cold pack I'll use on my headaches (that are my entire head and neck and often shoulders) and it takes some the pain intensity down. Most of the time I just have to wait for the barometer to shift to a tolerable level. When I'm in Florida, I still get headaches but they don't last as long or are not as intense. I wonder if it is because the state is closer to sea level or it just rains so much that the barometer doesn't shift so much :confused:

Again, thank you kindly for your help. :hug:
da-joint-stock Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2010  Student General Artist
Wow! Two big replies in a row! Wow! :blush:

For the dress, try using the freehand tool to crop/copy it out of the main picture, then you can adjust it at will.

I haven't used PS in years, I use Gimp now. In Gimp you can feather/blur/fade the edges of a selection. This is really helpful for putting faded borders around objects and for blending the edges of high-contrast objects. I'm not sure which version of PS started using this too. If your hardrive and RAM allow it, I'd suggets downloading Gimp (free!) and trying it out. It has some amazing features that streamline the same effects that take 5 minutes in PS.

Haha you said goofball!!! I haven't seen anyone say goofball on here ina long time!! :D:D ...You aren't a goofball...well...OK, maybe you are but hey you said it first :D:D:D :lmao: Don't worry - I do really stupid things like that too. Usually involving editing an invisible layer and wondering why nothing is changing on my current layer^^;

Ah i know which function you mean. I think Gimp has one similar but I prefer the hands-on approach of cropping it out manually. It gives you much greater control over what is being cropped, and lets you get a feel of what you're cropping. It takes longer, but the result is more precise and usually looks alot better.

Hmm...coldpacks work a bit, but its the cold air that makes the difference (I think^^;). One of the women I work with hit her head on a shelf and I thought she had a headache. I suggested the fridge idea and although it didn't relieve the pain, it did ease her dizziness and her newly-acquired headache:D So once again, as silly as it may sound (and make sure no one is watching you, especially if they have a camera :lol:) try breathing some of the cool air from the fridge or freezer (freezer would probably work better if the temp outside is that high).

Hmm...gotta love that humidity...ugh!

'very welcome:)
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