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October 25, 2011
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Too Late for Her by WDWParksGal Too Late for Her by WDWParksGal
Sadly, she learned too late to truly live.

For the Samhain Contest held by *xgnyc ~ digital/photomanipulation entry (I wrote the epitaph, too, so it is sort of a combination entry, digital and literature.

The epitaph reads:
Here I Lie Beneath this Stone.
My Body is Still, My Spirit Alone.
When I did Live, My Heart was Ice Cold;
Days Filled with Frustration, Annoyance so Bold.
Not a Chance did I Take to Love and Adore,
At Death it's too Late,
True Life Comes Before.

My own stock and landscape picture.

as well as using one squirrel from a Squirrel Tube-Pack


The Wallpaper Stock I made for my Stock Site has its own Brush List:
Planets 2 by ~LadyVictoire
Aurora by *redheadstock
Space by *redheadstock
Starry by ~creepydolly
Galaxy by *Sunira
Stars by =kuschelirmel-stock (used with special permission in a stock piece)

For the Manipulation Itself:
Eeriepack by ~wyckedBrush (the bird and tree by the gravestone)
Ghost (used several effects, as well as a negative image effect) by ~LadyButterfly-x
Soft Lights by ~LoRdaNdRe
Fence by *redheadstock
Aurora by *redheadstock
Fields of Gold by =teddybearcholla
Grass 2 by *Katikut

:iconleartistplz: Made in PhotoShop Elements 8. Made use of the clone tool, filters, effects, tools, hues, saturation, shadows, etc.
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It is. I've know people who just seem to never get a clue before they passed on :no: :sadangel:
The bronze planet system blends in a haunting way with the autumn colors. I also like the ghost effect of lightening some areas and darkening others with partial opacity; it reminds me of the Casper movie I recently watched! :iconitisamystery: Personally, I think the hair is a bit too opaque, though. BTW, does ~LadyButterfly-x have a tutorial on those effects? I didn't see anything along those lines in her gallery.
I don't think ~LadyButterfly-x has a tutorial. I read some journals at *redheadstock who makes loads of brushes and got the idea how to alter brushes. That ghost brush is run through filters and effects and I not only altered the opacity, I used the "negative" effect on it, which is how the hair got to look that way. I can probably use an eraser brush (soft-edged) at around 20% opacity to get the hair less opaque.

Is the "Casper" movie the older one? I've seen it many times. I really like that movie. I watched the "Casper" cartoon when I was young.
[link] (I don't know why so many of the pictures are black and white, since it was a color movie. :shrug:)
Yes, that is the film. I have the video and still have a video player so I can watch it. That is weird that the pictures are in Black and White when it certainly was a full-color film :confused:
Skool4Psychs Oct 29, 2011  Student General Artist
:aww: Why thank you so much!
Skool4Psychs Oct 29, 2011  Student General Artist
You're very welcome! ^u^
Tajii-chan Oct 28, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love the atmosphere that you cast in this art piece- it's just perfect :heart:

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