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Article of Articles July 2015

Fri Jul 3, 2015, 9:40 PM

Heart-n-Ribbon Divider (Rainbow) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
LoveWins by MidNight-Vixen

Black Divider by TheStockWarehouse
:icondevnews: DevNews :icondevnews:
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Celebrating Deviousness - July 2015

In Recognition of Exemplary Membership and an Outstanding Spirit of helpfulness and mentoring within the DeviantArt community.
Introducing DestinyBlue
“It's probably a true to say I would not be a professional artist were it not for DeviantArt. When I joined the site 11 years ago I didn't want to be an artist, I just wanted to draw; I never imagined this place would help carve my career in art. But then I never expected a lot of what happened to me to happen. My early works were filled with fantasy, but art grew to be more than just a creative outlet for me, it grew to be an emotional one. As times got darker so did my work, drawing gave me a channel to explore and express my feelings, and through DeviantArt, I could connect, and it's been these personal connections, to thousands of people, of

To Quote Moonbeam13 ~
DestinyBlue is one of DeviantArt's most recognized and beloved artists. She is a long-term deviant who regularly pours her heart and soul into the community, and spends much of her time each day leaving thoughtful, helpful comments for other artists on their work. In addition to the kindness and energy she puts forth into the community, her art is instantly recognizable, covering a variety of themes that any viewer can appreciate and connect with. It is our pleasure to name DestinyBlue the recipient of the Deviousness Award for July 2015.

Congratulation by KmyGraphic
Divider II by RBSRdesigns


Pimps and Whoas - June 29, 2015
News from the Team
:bulletpurple: Celebrating Deviousness - June 2015
:bulletpurple: Site Update: Collaborative Discussion
:bulletpurple: Site Update: Deviousness 2.0
:bulletpurple: Site Update: New Thumbnail Grid
:bulletpurple: How do you find other deviants?
:bulletpurple: Welcome tiganusi and hosagu
  DeviantArt Timeline Updates
Earlier this year, we introduced the DeviantArt Timeline, which highlights the work we’ve accomplished in the past, and lays the groundwork for the work that is to come. As we progress, we’ll update the Timeline with additions to show what’s in store for the near future on DeviantArt. This journal outlines items that have been added to the timeline today, and what you can expect to see soon.
Upcoming Events
July 8: View Your Own Poll Results Without Voting
A seemingly small and very specific change, but a huge community request.
July 13: Watch Recommendations
We’re kickstarting the experience of joining DeviantArt by suggesting deviants to watch.
July 22: Profile Discussion
DeviantArt’s User Experience and User Interface team leads a discussion about the future of profile pages.
August 3: New Thumbnails (Phase 1)
  Top Community Feature Requests and Our Responses
In May, we introduced the DeviantArt Timeline as a method of communicating with deviants and providing transparency about what’s planned for our collective future. During the site simplification process that followed, we received a number of comments from deviants asking why we were working on the features presented on the Timeline instead of other things. Many of the features brought up in these comments are ones that have been requested for years. We want to be more transparent about these suggested features, why some of them haven’t happened yet, and why some of them may never happen.
These requests are from past Site Updates, the Suggestions Forum, surveys, and individual requests we’ve received.
  LINE Webtoon Science Fiction Comics Contest
Submit your comic

Webtoon Science Fiction Comics Contest
Draw your way to $30,000
Enter Here
Galactic domination awaits!
Contest Closed

Take the challenge
Blast off your comic career for your chance to win $30,000! All you have to do is enter your original sci-fi comic to the LINE Webtoon universe to qualify. So grab a pen and your wacky imagination, because the possibilities are out of this world!
Enter Now
Previous winners from DeviantArt
Last yea
  Today's Headlines From The News Desk 6-4-2015
Today’s Headlines From The News DeskJune 4, 2015
:iconmoonbeam13: Moonbeam13:icondeevelliott: DeevElliott

Getting Exposure
Sometimes, you may feel like it's impossible to get your artwork noticed but there are a number of ways to get your art out there and this helpful article by RogueMudblood, will provide you with some tips.

The Next Billy Elliott
  Collection: Of Angels and Demons Vol. 2

Realm of Fantasy: Of Angels
and Demons Vol. 2

:iconrealm-of-fantasy: Realm-of-Fantasy
:icontheWrittenRevolution: theWrittenRevolution
:iconeddy-shinjuku: Eddy-Shinjuku
Dungeons and Dragons Credence
“Such angels and their halos
wells of molten gold spilling
on their necks without burning
their dark skin full of bones and swords
so unlike those demons who with
the paleness of the parched thirst
upon thirst and with clawed hands
tear at their own throats
both searching in ancient circles
moved by th
  Today's Headlines From The News Desk 6-8-15
Today’s Headlines From The News DeskJune 8, 2015
:icondeevelliott: DeevElliott

Shia Labeouf Ruins All Your Superhero Movies
It's Monday! So any of that positive energy you managed to raise to get you started this week? We're taking it all away, starting with everyone's friend of the arts, Shia Labeouf. Shia, take it away...

  Today's Headlines From The News Desk 6-9-15
Today’s Headlines From The News DeskJune 9, 2015
:iconmoonbeam13: Moonbeam13:icondeevelliott: DeevElliott

A Dose of Cute and Cuddly
Heidi, aka RikerCreatures, creates original, poseable creatures and they are amazing. Check out her fantastic gallery to see more and read the descriptions because one you love may be available for sale.

Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2
This is our first loo
  Today's Headlines From The News Desk 6-11-15
Today’s Headlines From The News DeskJune 11, 2015
:iconmoonbeam13: Moonbeam13:icondeevelliott: DeevElliott

Discover New Artists
Take a moment to peruse this feature of artwork by artists Iskander1989 feels are not getting the love they deserve. Did you discover a new favorite? Let us know in the comments below.
Alaska Department of Fish and Game

  Today's Headlines From The News Desk 6-16-15
Today’s Headlines From The News DeskJune 16, 2015
:iconmoonbeam13: Moonbeam13:icondeevelliott: DeevElliott

Let's Dance
Everyone stop what you're doing -- it's time for a 5 second dance party.
Final Fantasy Remake is Real
The rumors are true! Square Enix made the announcement during E3 that Final Fantasy VII is finally getting a remake for Playstation 4, with other platforms to follow. We've only been waiting for eighteen years, so excuse us while we wipe away the tears of joy.
True love through to the end. Ben Moon met his do
  Today's Headlines From The News Desk 6-19-15
Today’s Headlines From The News DeskJune 19, 2015
:iconmoonbeam13: Moonbeam13:icondeevelliott: DeevElliott

Be Happy - It's Friday
Today, let's celebrate Friday by sharing deviations that make us happy! Share your favourite smile-inducing deviations in the comments below.

8 Million Mummy Dogs
The ancient Egyptians loved their dog-headed gods. Anubis, who I suppose would technically be called a jac
  Today's Headlines From The News Desk 6-23-15
Today’s Headlines From The News DeskJune 23, 2015
:iconmoonbeam13: Moonbeam13:icondeevelliott: DeevElliott

Today's Lesson
Today we aspire to appreciate what we have and not think about what we could have. Seize the day!

Swift Change Of Apple's Mind
Most of you have heard about how Taylor Swift's stand against Apple's royalty payment policy of not maying royalties for the first three months of their music station's launch which would be free for that period and their
  Today's Headlines From The News Desk 6-24-15
Today’s Headlines From The News DeskJune 24, 2015
:iconmoonbeam13: Moonbeam13:icondeevelliott: DeevElliott

Today's inspiration
Inspiration for today comes in the form of some Viking wisdom - “It is better to fight and fall than to live without hope” and this feature of artwork.
Attack! The Titans Are Coming!
Big fans here of Attack On Titan! so we can't wait for the release of the two movies this year. We're hopeful for the original Japanese versions, not a half-baked remake with US actors. Although yo
  Today's Headlines From The News Desk 6-26-15
Today’s Headlines From The News DeskJune 26, 2015
:iconmoonbeam13: Moonbeam13:icondeevelliott: DeevElliott
Supreme Court Rules For Same-Sex Marriage

In a landmark ruling, the United States Supreme Court - with a vote of 5-4 - ruled that same-sex couples have the constitutional right to marry, and states cannot take that right away from. them. This decision will require all 50 states and U.S. territories to recognize all legally-performed marriages from all jurisdictions. This makes the U.S one of about 21 countries that legally recognize same-sex marriage, so
  Achievement Unlocked: Equality

Achievement Unlocked: Equality
:icondamphyr: damphyr
:icontaxikun: taxikun
F E A . S E T
Nintendo scored points with fans who have been longing for more diversity and representation in games by confirming that newest title in their Fire Emblem series will allow for same-sex relationships.
While this announcement has made headlines, Fire Emblem will not be the first time that Nintendo has allowed players the option of a same-sex union.
In 2005, the Bokujō Monogatari series, Harvest Moon to English s
  Today's Headlines From The News Desk 6-30-15
Today’s Headlines From The News DeskJune 30, 2015
:iconmoonbeam13: Moonbeam13:icondamphyr: damphyr

Today's Inspiration
Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible. - Francis of Assisi
Lost Voices
Darius Simpson and Scout Bostley are both students and poets at Eastern Michigan University. This is their joint spoken word performance they delivered during a poetry slam invitational and it's unbelievably powerful. The message? There is a thin line between supporting someone and speaking for them.
  Teach Me, Senpai! Vol. 7- Watercolour PaintingHello! :wave: rvmp Welcome to the seventh edition of 'Teach Me, Senpai!' here at fella. If you're unfamiliar with what this is, it's essentially a monthly feature of tutorials, made by deviants, explaining individual tasks, which then come together into one whole project. This month, we'll be painting with watercolours! La la la la
Basics + Materials


Textures + Tricks
Watercolour Texture Techniques by hatefueled
  Today's Headlines From The News Desk 7-2-15
Today’s Headlines From The News DeskJuly 2, 2015
:iconmoonbeam13: Moonbeam13:icondamphyr: damphyr

Today's Inspiration
The most effective way to do it, is to do it.”
—Amelia Earhart
Today, get started on that project or task you've been putting off.

Independence Day
In honor of Independence Day, DeviantArt staff will be enjoying the day off on Friday, July 3rd. As such, we won't be posting headlines but we'll be back to our regularly scheduled programming on Monday, July 6th. To our U.S. friends, Happy Fourth of July!
The Ne
  Site Update: Collaborative Discussion
In our continuous effort to improve the DeviantArt experience, we're publishing weekly Site Updates to keep members informed and to gather feedback. Below is a list of recent changes to the site, bug fixes, and feedback that was brought up by members in the last Site Update.
What's New
Collaborative Deviations: A Discussion
A common request from deviants is to post collaborative deviations, where more than one deviant has worked to create the end product. In a recent journal, we briefly addressed why we haven’t yet undertaken collaborative deviations. However, we want to open a discussion around how collaborations could theoretically work, so that we can better understand the community’s desires for such a
  Toshiba Seriously Japanese ContestPut a modern twist on classic Japanese art in the new Toshiba Seriously Japanese Contest!dfsfd
Official RulesView EntriesView Winners

Enter Now
13+, Australia and New Zealand Residents Only

Sudden Shower
Over Shin-Ōhashi Bridge & Atake
by Andō Hiroshigec. 1857
Modern Japan is known for its highly distinctive graphic styles such as
  Collaborative Deviations: A Discussion
A common request from deviants is to post collaborative deviations, where more than one deviant has worked to create the end product. In our recent Top Community Feature Requests and Our Responses journal, we briefly addressed why we haven’t yet undertaken collaborative deviations.  However, we want to open a discussion around how collaborations could theoretically work, so that we can better understand the community’s desires for such a feature.
Simple vs. Complex
We've already put a fair amount of thought into collaborations, but don't want to make assumptions about around how deviants would use the feature to best serve their needs.  From simple to complex, there are a number of ways we could implement collaborations and we’re interested to hear the community’s expectations.
If w
  Site Update: Deviousness 2.0
In our continuous effort to improve the DeviantArt experience, we're publishing weekly Site Updates to keep members informed and to gather feedback. Below is a list of recent changes to the site, bug fixes, and feedback that was brought up by members in the last Site Update.
What's New
The Deviousness Award 2.0
The Deviousness Award, bestowed in recognition of exemplary membership and an outstanding spirit of helpfulness and mentoring within the DeviantArt community, has recently undergone a reevaluation to provide a focus and a re-definition as to just what Deviousness truly represents.
Read more »

  The Deviousness Award 2.0


Artists Creditpriteeboy
T he Deviousness Award, bestowed in recognition of exemplary membership and an outstanding spirit of helpfulness and mentoring within the DeviantArt community, has recently undergone a reevaluation to provide a focus and a re-definition as to just what Deviousness truly represents.
The award is given once per month to honor a deviant who has gone above and beyond in their services to the DeviantArt Community. The 189 recipients of the Award thus far have brought something to the community that was not there before their presence, and it's our duty — and honor — to publicly recognize their efforts in doing so.
Early on, Deviousness was given more than once per month to a deviant whose invo
  Site Update: Watch, Notifications, Mobile Updates
In our continuous effort to improve the DeviantArt experience, we're publishing weekly Site Updates to keep members informed and to gather feedback. Below is a list of recent changes to the site, bug fixes, and feedback that was brought up by members in the last Site Update.
What's New
Watch, Notifications, and Mobile Updates
Updates have been made to Watch and Notifications! Changes made include:
Ability to filter what sort of content you see on your Watch, on both the desktop site and the DeviantArt Mobile AppGroup deviations are rolled into one update, on the Watch page, rather than each deviation taking up its own spaceOn the
  Thank You Pixel-Spotlight
Please join me in thanking Pixel-Spotlight for her time as a Community Volunteer for the photography community. Merry spent her time shining a bright light on the fashion photography community and sharing her experience in an effort to help others. She has always been a positive and inspring force and while we will miss her presence on the team, I know she's going to continue to be a role-model in the community and I look forward to seeing what she does next.
Thank you Pixel-Spotlight :heart:


  Welcome tiganusi and hosagu
Please join me in welcoming two new faces to the Community Volunteer team, overdebated and hosagu!
overdebated - General Photography 
hosagu - Street Photography
Take a moment and go say hello!
  Thank You !!
Every year I'm always amazed by the crazy outpouring of love when my birthday rolls around and this year was no different.  In the last few days I've celebrated some awesome milestones - my 10 year working anniversary with DeviantArt, my 6 year wedding anniversary and finally my birthday.
Thank you for all of the wonderful birthday wishes! You make a girl feel very loved :heart:
Now we dance  Dork Dance 2 Rave Project-entry :la: Banana Dance 

Divider II by RBSRdesigns


Affiliate ContestOur affiliate - :iconNaturesMystery:  NaturesMystery has announced an exciting contest! The big prize is a 3 month premium membership! Wow!
Here is all the information you need to enter!
   by DrewGuitarMan, 4 hours, 34 minutes ago
   Journals / Personal
Ok, so here it is the very first NaturesMystery Contest.  What is it all about?
We want YOU to create the piece of art you best think sums up the Mystery of Nature. It can be in any media, Poetry, Painting, Drawing, Photography, Collage, Sculpture, Anything that can be uploaded to DA. It can be a new work of art, or if you feel you have the right piece in your gallery already, you may enter that piece.
We then want you to join our group (unless you are already a member) NaturesMystery and add the piece to the JULY CONTESET ENTRIES folder. The folder will be open for submissions between July 1st 2015 and July 31st 2015 after which voting will begin. Each
  Seniormentors Interrogations: Pinguinoseniormentors is delighted to bring to you a monthly interview series that is all about our Mentors! Welcome to the second in the series, which will introduce our Mentors to the community so all can get to know them better.
This month we are pleased to interview the one and only pinguino. She is a former DeviantArt Gallery Moderator (now known as a Community Volunteer), and is our Interactive Design mentor at seniormentors.

Bullet; Blue Why did you join DeviantArt and what made you continue staying on DA?
:iconpinguino: I was an indy comic book publisher. Over a decade ago, spot took me to lunch in Hollywood, and introduced me to spyed. They convinced me that deviantART would be a great way to showcase my art and meet other creatives. They were right!
I stayed because I made a bunch of friends. I really love online communities, and deviantART has always been one of my favorites
  The Tearoom Debates III: Critique v CriticismWelcome back to the third installment of CRLiterature's new article series, The Tearoom Debates! We've shamelessly ripped off Mrs-Durden and CRPhotography, who currently run a bi-weekly series of opportunities for group readers to debate both sides of questions like "film or digital?" and then, in the next article, spotlight the input of the previous week's commenters.
Last week we asked "Does fanfiction have any place in publishing - and if not, in a perfect intellectual-property-lawless society, should it have a place in publishing?" and we got some brilliant feedback from you all. Some highlights included:
Your Input
There's individual moral obligation, which is the primary reas
  Senior Mentors Quarterly Update: June 2015Welcome!
As part of a movement for increased transparency and general awesomeness at SMP we've decided to create a quarterly newsletter to let all of our mentors, pupils, members and watchers know what's going on behind the scenes! We know that sometimes there isn't much going on at the front end of the group so hopefully these updates will remind you that we're here and keeping busy even if you're not seeing journals or deviations go through the group every day.  And my, do we have a lot to cover in this installment!
Three months ago we lost our leader, LostKitten, to the pressures of real life. Fortunately the wonderful JenFruzz stepped up to become our Southie Queen and decided to shake things up a little... and here we are today, with nearly 50 mentor/pupil matches in the last three months and more mentors than ever before!
After the change in leadership the group decided to change the whole hierarchy a little
  Comics Newsletter: July 2015
It's been raining like holy schnikeys since May in most of America. The early summer is here and it is here by the bucket full. Lucky for us we have some hot new webcomics to read as it pours down cats and dogs. More on this a little later.
The lead art for this issue was created by a collaboration with Senior Member Dalgoda7 aka Mr. Chris Kohler - the brilliant indie artist and inker behind the survival horror comic The Portland Underground and his new series the quirky, Tarantino-esque crime story American Made.
Last month, we added the first Senior Members to this group to recognize the hundreds of pages of work that they have contributed to our group. Seriously, without these guys there wouldn't be a group. We ran short last time before we could mention that we've added one more Senior Member. His webcomics and h
  VP NaNoEmo 2015I had hoped to get this journal up a few days ago, but my 9-to-5 was being difficult (literally several days where I got home after 10 pm). Nonetheless, it's here! An emoticon community event which focuses on "visual purpose" pieces -- namely emoticons that are meant to be "pictures" and admired simply for their art value. Not "chat-friendly" which are often used to show expression, tone, and emotion in comments and journals.
I always think to write up a new journal for the event, but honestly I simply couldn't do a better job than Synfull did years ago, when the event first launched. So, I will re-post her words. I'm sad to announce that due to other commitments and time limitations, Synfull will not be co-hosting the event this year.
As many of you will know, this group, NaNoEmo hosts a fun emote-a-day style challenge every November to match up with NaNoWriMo in the literature community. Over the last 2 years we have had a fair n
  Unframed-Nature's Earth Day Project Results!:icongreenflowerplz:Unframed-Nature's Earth Day 2015: "Project Going Green" PROJECT Results:icongreenflowerplz:
Dear Fellow Admins., Members, Affiliates, & Friends of Unframed-Nature,
It is more than time to share the results from this time of the year's BIG CONTEST that we always host, which, this time was set up much more like a PROJECT- though simple enough, consisting of just a couple extra steps.
In the past few years, we have always held some sort of "EARTH DAY" themed Contest at this time of year, in order in order to have at least one of our two BIG CONTESTS per year, be one of awareness and education so that we can find a way to add more meaning to our deep love for Nature in our Group.
In every year that we have hosted such an Earth Day Contest, we have had a great and successful contest, with many amazing, talented, and well thought-out entries.
This year, just like past years, our Co
  Culture Contest ***CLOSED*** It's Contest Time Digital-Wings-Art Members!

Culture Contest
:bulletred::bulletorange::bulletyellow::bulletgreen::bulletblue::bulletpurple: Create an artwork that illustrates a specific culture :bulletpurple::bulletblue::bulletgreen::bulletyellow:[Bullet; Orange][Bullet; Red]
[Bullet; Red][Bullet; Orange][Bullet; Yellow][Bullet; Green][Bullet; Blue][Bullet; Purple] This includes celebrations, rituals, beliefs, traditions, superstitions, etc. [Bullet; Purple][Bullet; Blue][Bullet; Green][Bullet; Yellow][Bullet; Orange][Bullet; Red]
[Bullet; Red][Bullet; Orange][Bullet; Yellow][Bullet; Green][Bullet; Blue][Bullet; Purple] You can focus on a specific aspect of the culture or the culture as a whole [Bullet; Purple][Bullet; Blue][Bullet; Green][Bullet; Yellow][Bullet; Orange][Bullet; Red]
[Bullet; Red][Bullet; Orange][Bullet; Yellow][Bullet; Green][Bullet; Blue][Bullet; Purple] Some examples: Cherry Blossom Festival of
  Dinomania - Challenge- closed                                               
Ahhhh, it´s time for my this year summer challenge :D
Theme :"Dinomania". 
You can create what you want (you have to use 2 of my stocks below- see the rules), you can make a summer-fun-work with the dinos, you can create a dark and bloody one. Maybe you are inspired by "Jurassic Park" or the new film "Jurassic World". Below there are some examples for what I´m looking for (please no fairies, this is not a fairytale-contest). I had so much fun arranging my Dino-Stocks and the plants for this challenge. Please be very creative and read the rules carefully.
  The most Elegant Predator 2015  

** Prizes Update**
Contest has ended, thank you for participating, soon we'll have the winners,good luck!
Simply said: Follow the rules and you and your artwork will be accepted for participating at the contest but if we see works that don't follow the main rules, especially about stock, we then will decline any entry,no matter how perfect and beautiful is, rules must be followed!
For members and those artists who are friends of this home: Crediting the contest is a must for participating, only members can submit for the contest and we won't make requests for the contest's folder, the work must be submitted by the own artist.
:iconLiliths-realm: proudly announces its new contest: The most Elegant Predator 2015, starting on April 15th,2015 and ending on July 15th,2015, so there will be plenty time for participating at our contest.
As the name o


Rules to enter the
Contest "Summertime and the livin' is easy"

Bullet; Red This contest is running on the group AllArtSupport but the members of the affiliated groups Soulcollectors, TheFavouriteShowcase, TraditionalPainting and Global-Photos are also welcome to submit to the contest folder;
Bullet; Red The contest starts on the 30th June 2015 and you have until the 31st August 2015 (it won't be extended) to submit;
Bullet; Red All works should be new (posted on DA from the 30th June 2015 until the end of the contest);
Bullet; Red You may submit 2 pieces (any medium, except literature): one piece in July and other piece in August; If you didn'
  Thursday GreetsMonday Muses | Tuesday Treats | Weekend Fun | WishingWell Weekly
:spotlight-left:  Welcome to Thursday Greets!  :spotlight-right:
Thursday Greets is a weekly feature of a few of our newest members, in hopes to give them some exposure! Below you will find some of their artwork, their wish, and any interesting going ons that they may have.
Let's meet some of our newest members and spread the love. :heart:
:icondahelp-line: dAHELP-line

:iconmauuchi: mauuchi

mauuchi wishes for 1,000 points.
  Senior Selections #56Welcome back to SeniorSelections with its 56th week of selections featured by Senior Members! 
Please show your support by +favlove'ing this news article. Please also comment and +fav  on our wonderful features!





Please note: we are still accepting admins to join our team for further information refer to this journal, and we take feature suggestions from the community just send us or a 
  Senior Selections #57Welcome back to SeniorSelections with its 57th week of selections featured by Senior Members! 
Please show your support by +favlove'ing this news article. Please also comment and +fav  on our wonderful features!




Please note: we are still accepting admins to join our team for further information refer to this journal, and we take feature suggestions from the community just send us or a team admin a note!
  CONTESTS!Hey, contest-hungry deviants! :)
Sorry for the delay, guys! I've changed jobs and was a bit busy... Thanks for the support!
Be sure to send us the winning entries in the contest, we will show them in the group.
Also, check the :new: tag, as it points you to the newly posted contests.
If you want to send us a contest, please Download Our Contest Format Here or check our main page where the format is provided without a download.
Thanks, and on with the contests!
:bulletred: 10,200 Points Contest - Summer/Inspiration :new:
Any media.
This is a contest that features 4 summer-related themes (Sky, ocean, fruits and flowers). Deviants who wish to enter must chose one of these themes and create an art piece that is inspired by their chosen theme.
1st Place: 5000 :points: + llama
2nd Place: 2500 :points: + llama
3rd Place: 1300 :points: + llama
4th Place: 700 :points: + llama
5th Place: 40
  ~ ANNOUNCEMENT ~ : SUMMER SCENERY CONTESTSmiley soleil - Sun  Greetings Fellow Deviants!  Smiley soleil - Sun 

We are delighted to present you with the official blog declaring the opening of our Summer Scenery Contest!  w00t!

Our contest will be hosted simultaneously by two groups :  

:iconamazing-scenery: :iconinyourart:

Our plan is to begin the submissions on Sunday, July 5th, with the closing of the entries and the beginning of judging on Friday, July 31st

There will be "Summer Scenery" contest folders available for submissions on both sites mentioned above.

  GDD Interview With Benke33Welcome to a new series of interviews that GetDailyDeviations administrators will be publishing on a regular basis. We hope these interviews will help you discover new artists, learn about new art mediums, find answers to some of your questions, and become more engaged within the community! If you'd like to suggest an artist to be interviewed or if you have questions about specific art mediums you'd like us to include in interviews, please send us a note, thank you! We hope you enjoy! La la la la
"My name is Brent Schreiber. I am a traditional artist and illustrator located in Elmira, Ontario Canada. My personal work focuses on narrative realist portrait and figurative paintings. Professionally, I focus on commercial illustration and private commissions. My illustration work includes promotional material, book covers, interiors and advertising in the science fiction, fantasy, pin-up and romance genres.
  LNA-Nine Muses Feature:iconlove-new-artists: :iconNine-Muses:
I usually do this feature in the Nine-Muses group.  This feature highlights talented and upcoming artists from love-new-artists whose works have been selected for the affiliate group Nine-Muses.   While I was making this journal, I thought that since it is all about LNA artists .. and many are not on Nine-Muses, It would be better to place this journal in LNA.  
Nine-Muses is really proud and encouraged by all the great works flowing from LNA and seeing how all the budding artists are improving with each deviation that they submit.
(For a better viewing experience please view the journal with your browser maximized)
  Claremanson's Baking ContestUPDATE
Contest is now CLOSED!
I will try to judge and reveal the results as soon as possible however, we currently have a problem with our new house (we haven't had any hot water or heating for over a week!) which is going to be worked on all this week so, with workmen in the house things are going to be rather hectic. Sorry for any inconvenience caused to those who have entered.
Thanks to the generosity of some lovely Deviants over the past couple of years since my last contest, I have saved up enough points to hold another baking contest!
I didn't mean to leave it so long between contests but moving house twice last year and now updating our new house means I have had very limited time here on DA of late.
To bake ANY of my recipes, sweet or savory! I have recipes for cookies, cakes, truffles, meringues, cheesecake and more!
There will be three winners.  Overall best b
  Through-a-Lens News #12Hi there,
This is dekorAdum, Manager of Through-a-Lens and I have collected some news and happenings regarding our group.

Farewell and Welcome
Please join us in bidding farewell to our amazing Team Members!
Thank you for your work, it contributed greatly to the growth of our Group and of course our artistic taste!
From the Collector Team; simply-unidentified, lynx92003 & JetteReitsma  
And please Welcome our newest Team Members: iAmoret & TanyaSimoneSimpson! :heart:
Moderators and Collectors Wanted
We are in need of helping hands!
Please head over to the announcement blog for more information!
Features, articles
In this section, I will
  Prime Cuts: Interview With RavensauraWelcome back for another edition of our new interview series
ProjectPorkchop: Prime Cuts
hosted by DMD-CT
This project is intended to bring the community closer to the many talented yet underexposed artists that we feature each week. Today's featured artist is RubySummit.

"While many people know me as Ravensaura (that's Raven's Aura, not a bird/dinosaur hybrid as many believe), my real name is Chloe. I'm currently 24 years old. My work started out as a hobby after getting my first dSLR a couple of years ago, though I had a keen interest in taking pictures long before that with a little point and click. I now have my own photography business (as a sole trader) in the Wollongong area of New South Wales, Australia, where I currently live. Prior to moving here a month ago, I lived and took photos around Sydney's south west.

I'm currently attending the University of Wollongong
  Photomanipulation Contest III - CLOSEDHello to everyone! :heart: The ones who know me, know that I love making contests! I would like to make them more frequently, but I prefer to have decent prizes, and for that I need to collect a lot of points.
So, I bring you my third photomanip contest. I hope you participate and have fun above all things!
Please be sure to read all the rules and information about the contest, it's important.

Rules to enter:
:bulletred: You must be a watcher (new watchers are welcome, too)
:bulletred: You must be member of my group ObscureManips (again, new members are welcome) This is because you will submit your entries there, below there is more information.
:bulletred: Make a journal about this contest, so that more people will join. (The more the better!) When you made the journal, post a link to it here on the comments section, saying you will participate. (Example of journal: ObscureLilium is holding a photomanip contest. If you're interested check i
  Because marriage is between ... HUMANS IN LOVE!!!        

Sailor Princess Couple Karim-sama

Couple REBELComx

Oreo Pride RefiBones

Peace dalmatianluver

couple Spargelschaeler

  POINTING at @dAhubHi everybody :wave:
Points are a good way to support and get supported, this is why we love them! 

I recently tried dAhub and one can get 10-30 :points: on a week day, and more during the weekend. 
And the first trip there guaranties you around 50 :points:
What was your experience with it?
Yes, one has to work a bit, but besides the points, llamas, watchers, faves delivered through being registered there, one gets a bonus from the activity of the deviants there, since one gets a lot of exposure in the same time (even without paying for a feature)!
So, you will for sure get more benefits than the ones promissed by the program! :thumbsup:
If you are on a quest to get more watchers and exposure in dA, this is a way to go about it! :la: 
If it sounds too few for you, with the ammount I made in a couple of days(a couple of minutes a day) I gained more than 75
  July Contest: ArchitectureHello, CRPhotography members!
This month, the photography category 
that will be spotlighted this month will be: Architecture.
If you entered June's contest, be aware that the winners will
be announced in the middle of the month!
:heart: So... What's the theme?
Architecture, as in DeviantArt's photo category.  Architectural photography covers different subcategories on DA and is the photographing of buildings and similar structures that are both aesthetically pleasing and accurate representations of their subjects. Architectural photographers are usually skilled in the use of specialized techniques and equipment. 
The different categories you can apply for in this contest for this category are:
:bulletblue: Bridges & Suspended structures,
:bulletblue: Details,
:bulletblue: Exterior,
:bulletblue: Interior,
:bulletblue: Ot

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General Photography DDs - June 2015:iconcommunityrelations: Welcome!
This month the general photography CVs - Kaz-D, Mrs-Durden, and (as of the 13th) myself - set a total of 67 DDs across nearly every gallery we cover! Many thanks to everyone who's suggested to us, and as always we need more suggestions so don't be shy! Our guidelines are linked at the bottom of this article, and we tend to get a lot more People and Portraits suggestions than anything else so bonus points if you send us great pieces from the "weird" galleries. Self-suggestions are always welcome if you have a piece of your own that you think we should see!
:iconkaz-d: Features by Kaz-D
Every breaking wave by iTaylie An apple a day by SamanthaPaigeImages Good morning! by FiorOf Colourful Beach by PhotoYoung Look up by Mafia--Hitman Young Rebel by Miguel-Santos summer days by Rona-Keller Bon apetite by Leon13th A Warm Place by Mrs-White Civita di Bagnoregio by roman-gp Regards by MD-Arts :thumb5
  APN Photography Round-Up - June 2015Hello all,
Thank you for making my first month as the Animals, Plants, & Nature photography CV so great! This APN Photography Round-Up includes all of the deviations that I featured during June 2015. Feel free to take another look at the work of these talented artists.
As always, your suggestions are welcome! Send me as many as you'd like! Details on sending DD suggestions are at the bottom of this feature.
:iconJenFruzz: Features by JenFruzz

Kuang Si Waterfall by DrewHopper
Time to rest by Bulinko
Lightning Strike Above the Village by FlorentCourty
When The Rain Stopped by LG77
As the Snow Falls by CanadianRy

Big City Lights by tassanee
  dAWishingWell wishes feature (June)Hello!
Today I'm having a special feature which is a feature of DD and exposure wishes from my lovely group dAWishingWell .
dAWishingWell is a community-based group on deviantART and only operates on deviantART. Our primary goal is to give a venue where community-oriented and other policy-abiding community members can not only make a wish but have their deviantART-related wishes granted, be featured and recognized for their talents and participation, and for these deviants to have a safe atmosphere to gather and share artistic and charitable interests.
So if you like someones artwork you can suggest them for a Daily Deviation feature (from the DD wishes), or give them more exposure (from Exposure wishes) or comment / critique them (from the last part of journal) ^^
Don't forget to drop a note or comment in the group telling that you fulfilled someone's wish!!
I think I'm gonna make this monthly feature :P Always using one of my free journal skins because
  Space and Sci-Fi DD Round Up, June 2015:iconcinyu: Features by cinyu

Black Rise - The Low Streets by SoldatNordsken Now Boarding! by JoshHutchinson
:icondiphylla: Features by breerothman
Nurgle's Blessing - Warhammer 40K:Tome of Decay: by jubjubjedi
:icondevart: Features by DeviantArt Staff
Retor.Butterfly by O-FON
Want to suggest a Space and Sci-Fi Daily Deviation?
cinyu - Daily Deviation Suggestion guidelines
Previous DD Roundups
October, 2014 | November, 2014 | December, 2014 | January, 2015 | February 2015 | March 2015 | April 2015<
  DD Suggestion Drive: Results!Some statistics:
Deviations Suggested: 2,120
Previous Record: 559 (January of 2014)
Number of Participants: 65
Deviations Awarded DD (so far): 102

View ALL of the suggested deviations here:
Prize Winners!
Top Suggesters:
337 individual artists suggested!
:bulletgreen: $20 print from the dA Print Store from LiliWrites  
:bulletgreen: A Feature and Journal Interview from LiliWrites 
:bulletgreen: Feature from hosagu 
:bulletgreen: Feature from RogueMudblood 
:bulletgreen: Feature from SirCassie
:bulletgreen: Feature from AlexanderPaupoff 
:bulletgreen: Feature from PeppermintSoda 
193 individ
 <da:thumb id="540385888"/>  Macro Photography DD Roundup - May

The Starring Bee by mjohanson
lighter by Halama
8/05/2015 - I by ThatScalieThing
A Delicate Balance by needcaffine
Strawberry fields by ChaoticMind75
Bee - Anthidiellum perplexum by ColinHuttonPhoto
  June 2015 Roundup: PhotojournalismAnother month brings us deeper into summer!  I've been receiving many amazing suggestions, you guys rock!  I'm happy to see so much talent shared here on DeviantArt.  
By the way, did you know that projecteducate is hosting Photojournalism Week next week?  It's going to be exciting!  :dance:
Check out the inspiring stories selected to recieve Daily Deviations throughout the month of June!


  June 2015 Traditional Art DD Round-up:iconstelari: Features by STelari
Runai by Bluecrow10Modern Temples by vivapoAt the doorstep of time by PoecilusBuilding Cities by manfishincMineral Whale by LesDessinsDeSophOak Fairy by JannaFairyArtSeptember come, please take this heart away by eamaneeAnxiety / Niepokoj by Kamlot-ARTOld portrait type by skaariBeneath the Surface by SaraaisThe Dream of the Creator by DannyFilth01Umbrella by scratchproductionsMonument by Napper5565XIII - Death by DebrariumInopia by kikyz1313Fell Down the Woods by cottondotsowl by strangeris
:iconagaave: Features by Agaave
The Mermaid Who Could Fly by LalenaLamsonNorthern Shores by chvacherBad Manners - Did someone fart? by eissaYcat by Koshka-tanyaPears 'n' Paintbrushes by URM:thumb516834861:Tulip bride by White-Anemonearmed Hummingbirds by kiriOkamiSecret place by AnnaVoytsekhovichParanoia by DieWolfsseeleQUIESCENCE by Ensomniactattoo girl by Thanh-KaMiMiniscule World by SoundStarmermaid by kikunakamuraBeetle by PaivatarCatwoman by Tomasz-MroPlush by Grzegorz Ptak by GrzegorzPtakArtLaced Shadows by XRlSDream whales by ZaronenThe Butterfly Effect by FrancescaBaeraldBreaking Point by Stranger-botDown the rabbit hole by EG-TheFreakOurs polaire by claratessierSwampy Hobbit by Mast1Die or Dive by Cookiee1991:thumb519813926:Lovely Skin by GeorgiaThVenice. After rain (final version) by MilaKatThe Cat and the Moon by ChecantyIn the Same Universe by aurumaima

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PE: Art as a key element in EducationCommunity Week
Education is a process that spans a person's entire life, broadcasting a wide range of knowledge, values (which allow us to develop our conscience and sensibility), customs, and ways to act. This is also linked to cultural conscience (education leads us to appreciate the culture of the society in which we live) and to the view that each person has about the world around them. It also has a social approach as it allows people be part of the socialization process. It generally has a humanistic approach that trains students to be good people, to have good values and implement them, which are expressed according to the person's potential. Educated persons can contribute significantly to the world.
Art and Education
Artistic Education is an area that focuses on teaching various art forms (Visual arts, Music, Theater, Dance, Photography, etc.) and also helps develop skills, abilities and habits in such areas. However, the art
  All About Bugs (Reporting, That Is)Community Week


We've all found them. You might remember this from 11 May 2015:

While this is an obvious bug that you hope would be noticed quickly, how can you be sure? Well, one way is to check the status forum. If you don't see the issue you're having listed, then you'll want to file a bug report.
Believe it or not, just because a hundred people notice it doesn't mean that any of them report it. So when you notice an issue like this one:

for example, it's best to notify the staff of the issue through the official channels. Many people are noting bug issues on the site update journals, but did you know that's not actually how or where they're supposed to be filed?
Bug reports should actually be fi
  Art Critiques: Sometimes it's best to say noCommunity Week
Art critiques are a huge part of being a member of the DeviantArt community. Premium members have the option to use the "request critiques" option on their deviation uploads, and all of us have the ability to simply vocalize our desire for critiques by asking for them in various ways (groups, journals, etc). However, as artists, many of us have strong egos or are sensitive to harsh words. The aim of this article is to explain that it is perfectly okay to decline critiques or not want them in general.
Your Ego:

The fact is, a lot of us have strong egos. If you have a strong ego, when someone criticizes the way you've done something, you're likely to disagree with them and dismiss their critique. If you have a strong ego, a lot of what other people say about your art goes over your head, and you tend to simply ignore it in the end. Overall, you tend to believe the way you did something was perfectly fine, and you might even look down on others who critici
  How To Explain DA To Your ParentsCommunity Week
A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Moonbeam13 about volunteering for the Literature gallery as a Community Volunteer. And once the possibility started becoming a certainty, I got really excited, and wanted to share the exciting news with my family.
But then I thought, "how do I explain something like this to them?" And realised I didn't really know how to make them understand. :giggle: That's how I got the idea for this Community Week article.
I don't want to say "most", but a good portion of DeviantArt's users are young/teenagers. It's really important for parents to know and understand what you're doing when you spend hours on end on a computer, and sometimes, saying that you're on DeviantArt just doesn't really work as an explanation. Especially if the explanation follows with "well it's a website, I post my stuff, people fave it and comment on it, they give me watches and llamas sometimes too".
And let's face it, some parents aren't really that c
  PE: Community Week Wrap-UpCommunity Week
Welcome to the Community Week!
For those of you that may not know yet, a Community Week is a chance for everyone in the community to bring to light their favorite subject, art, project or any other topic that you consider important but may get overlooked in other ways. If you're interested in participating in the next Community Weeks, then please read the Guidelines.
Community Week
01st Monday
AM: Intro by cinyu
  PE:Interview with Chat RegularsChat & Forum Week
As part of this weeks Chat and Forum week, I've taken some time to reach out to a few chat regulars and ask them a few questions about their experience on the chat network.  Hopefully you'll find their answers to be informative and perhaps even inspiring enough to get you to venture out into the chats as well.  
How long ago did you discover that DA has chatrooms?
DeviantArt introduced the chat network back in August 2004 deviantART v4; Fournando be dAmned as part of deviantART version 4.  Since then, the chat network has been an essential part of the site for many users over the years.
Discovered that dA had chatrooms when I was 15, which was around 2005.
I've discovered DA Chats aprox 11 months ago and since this I've joined every day .
I guess I discovered them a bit less than a year and a half ago. It took me about a month or so t
  Using the Forums to your BenefitChat and Forums Week
The DeviantArt forum houses several forums where deviants can create threads for discussion. In this article, I will be showing you some ways that you can utilize the forum to your benefit. Essentially, you will learn how to make the DeviantArt forum work for you in ways you may not have previously known were possible. I am a dummy! 
The Basics
Before you can use the forum to your benefit you must first learn the basics of the forums, which comes down to the guidelines and FAQs. The forum page consists of several forum categories that each focus on a specific topic. Each forum category comes with its own set of guidelines in the form of "sticky threads," which you should read before posting or responding to threads. It is strongly recommended you review the sticky threads at the top of every forum.
Know your FAQs
Also, it is highly recommended that you review t
  Fun chatrooms to start out with!Chats and Forums Week
So, we realize that some of you might have no idea where to start when it comes to chats on DA. Some of you might be fearful of devart because of all the stories you've heard, and others might just have no idea where they're supposed to go! Well, here is a brief list of where some of you might want to venture first, and why!
In general, when joining a new chatroom, look at the top for links to any rules/guidelines they might have, so that you know how you can or cannot behave. They might also have links further explaining the purpose of the chatroom, or a link to a group for the chatroom, both can provide helpful info on whether the chatroom is a place where you feel you should hang out or not.
Of course, devart is the first room most people think to join. It's the official DA chatroom after all! And while I want everyone to be clear on how things can sometimes be tough in there, it is generally a
  Chats and Forums Week Wrap-Up!Chats and Forums Week
We hope you enjoyed this chats and forums week, and we thank every single one of you that participated in our events and/or read the articles we had to share with you! Here's a round up of winners and articles :heart:
Chats and Forums Week
8th Monday
AM: Intro blog by Mrs-Durden
PM: Chats and Forums Crosswords Puzzle Contest by Mrs-Durden
Forum Event: Challenge Fun in the Deviants Forum by morbidman187
9th Tuesday
AM: Rock, paper, scissors tournament announcement by morbidman187
  How to write an article for Project EducateProject Educate
Welcome to a step-by-step tutorial addressing how you should be writing your article for projecteducate! Please read carefully through this article, and closely observe each screenshot so that you can have a good understanding on how to proceed as you publish what might be the first of many PE articles! :dummy:
Step 1: You're on DeviantArt, possibly wondering what "" is and where you can find it.

Step 2: Hover over that big "Submit" button, and you'll find a few drop-down options. One of them is! Click on it.

Step 3: You've clicked on, and now you're seeing this page. As you can see, there are many options. The one you're looking for is "Compose in StashWriter"

Step 4: You've clicked on "Compose in StashWriter" and now you're seeing this page. This is where you write your article!
  Understanding the Help Desk: AppealsConcerning Appeals
This is a collaborative article. DA's CEA staff was consulted on how best to address this matter and provide the relevant and correct information to deviants. Kind thanks to y2jenn for her assistance with editing and wording segments so that they are clearer and more concise, and for providing generic Help Desk responses. Thanks also to aunjuli and Moonbeam13 for their involvement.
We've all found deviations we're concerned about being on the site. Sometimes, as art appreciators, we find something that we're concerned might violate the community standards and guidelines set by DA. On occasion, you might find something that you feel needs to be reported to the staff for review of those policies.
If a deviant does find themselves concerned about the content of a deviation, and clicks the “Report Deviation” link, sometimes they will be greeted with a message which informs them that the staff has already reviewed this piece and that it
  Origins of Street Photography and Jazz MusicStreet Photography
“A photo is a small voice, at best, but sometimes – just sometimes – one photograph or a group of them can lure our senses into awareness. Much depends upon the viewer; in some, photographs can summon enough emotion to be a catalyst to thought.” – W. Eugene Smith
The Origins
Play this while you read the article Heart
Jazz and Photography. The Street. They are one.
I am a pianist and have studied the instrument for thirteen years, learning the very foundations and all of the precise, rigid rules and techniques that Classical music demands. I have played Rachmaninov. I obtained my medal and diploma to teach music and Classic standards. But... it turns out that the thrill of a Charlie Parker's free sound, or the Thelonious Monk's inventivity, took me
  The Masters: Mr Raymond DepardonStreet Photography
I’m coming from journalism, but at the same time I’m tempted by poetry, politics, and maybe the idea of being a witness, a belief that you can still change things with the image.
A Bit of Biography
from the Magnum Photos Agency
Raymond Depardon was born in France in 1942 and began taking photographs at the age of twelve, on his family's farm in Garet. He left for Paris in 1958 to apprentice as a photographer-optician in Villefranche-sur-Saône but joined the Dalmas agency of Paris as a reporter in 1960. He co-founded the Gamma agency in 1966 and was able to report from all over the world. Between 1974 and 1977, Depardon was a photographer and film-maker, covering various world events such as the kidnap of French ethnologist François Claustre in northern Chad. He found a passion in making documentary films. Some of which include the 1974 film Une Partie de Campagne and
  Tips and tricks for handling light and shadowsStreet Photography Week
Many street photographers use the technique of photographing people against the light to get silhouette images. I love taking silhouette photos because they are featureless and provide enough food for thought. Silhouettes are not about specific people but about human beings in general. Their solid black color brings weight, drama and emotions. Silhouettes make images look more artsy and painting-like, leaving viewers to use their imagination to complete underexposed details. It is very easy to take silhouette photos if you know couple tricks. I want to share some with you.
The general rule is to find a light background, it can be sunset, doorway, open sky or sunny wall with shadowy area in front of it (see the image below). Your object will be black-lit, photographed against light.

Use manual exposure mode on your camera. Set aperture on F/8-11 to get in focus both subject and background and meter the brightest part of your p
  An architect on streetStreet Photography Week
Hello, my name is José Calheiros, and I am an architect that really loves to take street photos.
I don't like concepts or labels on things, I really think that feelings are the most important thing when we take photos on the street or when we are in the middle of the action or even far away. After that I think composition is very important. My architect genes come out and speak to me saying so, so let's see what I can tell you
I only take one photo of the subject, because that is, for me, the right moment and not the moment after. If the photo is wrong I delete and move away, I was not able to catch it.
When I am ready to go out and take photos, what do I do first?
What i do?
I first choose a lens. Usually I have my 24/70 mm (2.8) but when I travel I also use my 14/24mm (2.8)
My destination is unknown if I am in Lisbon I just go. If I am in a new city, I do my homework and study the best places to take photos (and for sure have the touristic/architec
  Cliche's in Street PhotographyStreet Photography Week
Street photography isn't about judgement, it is about visual impact. There is a tendency among some viewers to make hasty cliché presumptions about Street photography.  Most of the major painters copied others at the early stages of their careers. Photographers photographing clichés is just a natural step in their development. Sometimes even the photographers do not know if their shot resembles another one. The journal "Similitude Street" is a perfect example where two different photographers' photos resemble each other in a very close way.
Clichés are not necessarily bad. It's the emotional element that turns mere cliches into works that are relevant and emotionally resonant.
It's this emotional aspect that breathes life into all work, cinematic, photographic, or what have you, no matter how many times they have been visited in the past.
The great themes in life never go out of fashion, after all. While our en
  Contemporary street photographers: Lukas VasilikosStreet Photography Week
“I became a photographer because it’s the easiest way for me to tell things about myself. My view of coming into this world, living and eventually dying.” - Lukas Vasilikos
“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life,”  said Picasso. But what is art, what is reality, and what is the relationship between them? Does art help us to escape reality or force us to face it? I think it does both.  Moreover art and reality could be interchangeable, mixed into sharp slices of everyday life.  We can see it in the works of one the most interesting and original contemporary street photographers, Lukas Vasilikos.  His images are visual proof that the world is a theater and men and women are merely actors playing their roles. 

“The street is a field with endless possibilities, where surprises always hide behind the next corner. When

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<da:thumb id="541467920"/>  Commissions: Tips/Tricks/AdviceCommission Me! | FAQ | Patreon
Hey guys ^^ I think one of the most common things I see in the art community are people asking advice about commissions. How much to price their work, how to start, how to market themselves, etc. While I might not be the most seasoned of freelancers, I have certainly learned quite a bit through my own experiences and others. Hopefully what I share can be helpful to you as well :) (Smile) And if you have any additional advice to share, please comment below, I'm sure someone may find it useful :D (Big Grin)
Bullet; Black How do
  10 tips for photomanipulation newbiesThis is a reprise of an earlier article!
We have a lot of newbies to the photomanipulation community, and I wanted to welcome you and address some important tips for helping integrate you into our community. :)
1. Watch or join CRPhotomanipulation. This is the hub for all official photomanipulation contests and activities. It is also a place where you can submit your artwork (1 per week) to help get exposure. This is a great way to bring art to our attention. We really want to get to know you and your work!!
2. Watch your photomanipulation CVs. Right now that's me and AbbeyMarie. This is not a sad plea for attention or fishing for watchers! We have information about things going on in the community at-large that might not come through CRPhotomanipulation. We are looking out for you! :boogie:
3. Hone your craft. DeviantArt has a lot of really spectacular tutorials for you to use. There are also other great sites out there that
  Contests to Check OutHere is a list of a few stock creation or stock use contests going on right now!

A CV-lead team photomanipulation contest, with coaches and manipulators that want to hone their skills.  Ends in a few months, depending on signups

A line art-creating contest using stock from SenshiStock.  Use stock to create a resource! Ends July 1

A contest using stock from LaLunatique where your character(s) must have their face partially hidden. Ends August 31

A photomanipulation challenge using a specific stock where the entry must be a collaboration.  Ends June 25

A photomanipulation contest exploring the deep ocean.  What's down there?  Ends July 10
  Behind The Screens: Interview With AmisgaudiHello, and welcome to another edition of Digitalists new interview series:
Behind the Screens: Digital Art Masters

Through these interviews, we will get an in-depth look into the minds

and careers of DeviantART's most influential digital artists.

Today's featured artist is Amisgaudi


 "My name is Nicolás Peña but my artistic name is Amisgaudi. I'm a professional illustrator, and I live in Mar del Plata city in Argentina. I also love athletics, specifically to travel, living in the nature, animals, dinosaurs, evolution theories and stuff like that."

When did you first discover your passion for art?

 My interest in art started when I was a child and became a hobby, then it turned into a job and a life’s philosophy. I still feel the same interest as in my childhood.
  Mein Benutzerkonto - Einstellungen anpassen (Ger)This is an unofficial german translation of the (My Account > Edit Settings & Profile) deviantART faq. For more translated FAQs, please visit InternationalFAQ.
Dies ist eine inoffizielle deutsche Übersetzung der (My Account > Edit Settings & Profile) deviantART FAQ. Für mehr übersetzte FAQ's besuchen Sie bitte InternationalFAQ. Weitere deutsche Übersetzungen finden Sie hier.

Einstellungen und Profil anpassen

FAQ #4: Welche Einstellungen kann ich auf der "Edit Settings"-Seite verwalten?
Beachten Sie bitte, dass Sie um zu den Einstellungen zu gelangen mit dem Mauszeiger über Ihren Benutzernamen oben auf der DeviantArt-Seite schweben müssen, um anschliessend "Einstellungen" (Settings) im dann erscheinenden Menü auswählen zu können.
Öffentlich (Public)

  This Week in CSS
First week of the new month.  And looks like it has been a busy week coding.  I haven't been busy coding :grump:, but I will work harder and finish some things out of my soon!  I've been seeing a lot of skins lately, but not so many submissions to this group.  If you are a Member, check our rules (NEW GROUP RULES: PLEASE READ !) to see if you can be upgraded to Babe to submit.  Watchers are welcomed to apply for Babe as well.  Babes, do you know someone who has been doing some exemplary skins and might like to share them with our group?  Send them an invite (I think Babes can invite to Babes, will double-check on that).  Submit your latest works, we'd love to see what our Babes have been up to.

Designs & Commissions
  Challenge - Week 2Theme Challenge: Portfolio
:iconandorada: Suggested by Andorada 
Every artist needs to showcase their art.  There are many different ways, depending on what type of art they have.  But a portfolio is classic.  The journal can either be inspired by portfolios, or be a portfolio to display art.  The skin would be perfect for art focused features, picture stories, collection highlights, web comics or anything that would work well in a one page image format.

Project Portfolio #projectportfolio  
This challenge is in Tandem with Project Portfolio, check it out below.  Use the 
  Throwback ThumbshareTuesday #cssthumbshare 
Throwbacks!  Share your first skin!  I began skinning on dA in 2010 when my bf Reignson gave me my first subscription for Valentines day (because he loves me and knows how much I loves dA!).  I had a little bit of HTML and blogging experience with editing CSS or adding snippets.  I searched through some tutorials, which I found one by kuschelirmel / kuschelirmel-stockJournal CSS - Part 1.  It is the old school .journalbox, but still valid.  Below is the current versions.

Did you follow a tutorial or pick through the CSS code yourself?  It was later that I started using Mozilla Firefox, then Chrome's right-click option to "Inspect Element" to look through the bits and pieces of dA code.  And a lot of trial and error.  I've come a long way since
  Challenge - Week 4Challenge Theme: Freedom/Liberty & 4th of July
For America, the Fourth of July is coming up.  A time of patriotism and family gatherings and fireworks.  But for the rest of the world, it is just another day.  But Freedom and Liberty is something we all can relate to.  Freedom is the dream of every person on this planet.  Not just for your country, but to be who you are.  And for many, freedom has come at a price.  Freedom is about war.
There are two weeks til the 4th of July, so I hope this gives everyone time to jump on the #CSSChallenge this week.  poserfan and I have noticed there is a shortage of themed skins for this and it really is the perfect opportunity to make one.  Many people may want to get into the festivities and use a themed skin for the occasion.

  This Week in CSSLet's have a look at what the community has brought use the latest 7 days.  Great skins to pick from, wonderful work, everyone.  A few things before I get started, the only prerequisites for this feature are three things, 1. from the thumbnail I can see it is a journal skin/gallery/custom box/etc, 2. the text is legible, and 3. copyrights are respected (Google does not give you permissions).  I am featuring all levels of skins.  This is a showcase of our community and what we are doing right now. 
Installable Skins

CSS Design & Commissions

Galleries & Complete CSS

Go make some galleries and uber spiffy profiles!
Custom Box & Journal Gr
  Voyage To The Unknown: Fan ArtThis a wonderful new feature started by Mrs-Durden that encourages members to showcase art from a gallery that they are not familiar with or don't visit very often. The goal is to challenge your knowledge of art and discover wonderful new works to feature in the process! I encourage you all to give it a try as it is always good to promote art across the categories!

Fan Art
Gallery Feature:
This feature is a tribute to the late, great James Horner who composed the soundtrack to our childhoods. Another talented artist taken from this world too soon.

  July 2015 Literature NewsJune was jam-packed with goodness, and July is already heating up with FFM getting under way! Let's take a quick review of all the awesome since our last news round-up!
News Articles, Interviews, and Features
:bulletpink: tWR Interviews: What's Your Favourite Genre? and tWR Interviews: Eastern Poetry
:bulletpink: The Ladies of Lit: Volume LV
:bulletpink: Love DA Lit: Issue 208Love DA Lit: Issue 210

 Kitten Divider by Revenciel

NEWS 'til Hell freezes over
Estd: Sep 5th, 2010

Skin design & coding Copyright © CypherVisor
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